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Rwandan Entrepreneurs Invited to Participate In MIT Fellowship

by Daniel Sabiiti
8:41 pm

Rwandans are among seven countries invited to participate in a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) fellowship to learn entrepreneurial skills, connect with investors, and expand their network of peer innovators.

According to organizers, the program is a fully funded fellowship with 15 applications to be selected in a registration process that opened on May 3, 2021 – till June 10, 2021 for entrepreneurs working and living in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.

The fellowship program includes an interactive online curriculum and a three-week immersive session that brings the cohort together to explore innovation-driven ecosystems.

The Foundry Fellowship said this will be a win-win situation as it will present a unique opportunity to bring MIT resources and knowledge to Africa’s critical innovation ecosystems.

It also offers MIT an opportunity to learn from successful continental leaders and their innovative solutions.

“This is an opportunity to expand MIT’s innovation network as a moment for the Fellows to reflect on their entrepreneurial journey that also allows us to learn from them. They can use this experience as a stepping-off point as they move to the next stage of ecosystem-wide leadership,” said Professor Fiona Murray, Faculty Director of the Legatum Center.

Entrepreneurs are invited to submit an application directly through legatum.mit.edu/foundry-fellowship/.

The fellowship will be implemented in collaboration with the MasterCard Foundation to support and deepen the impact of leaders in the fellowship who are solving complex problems, creating jobs, and bringing essential services to millions through innovation-driven business models in Africa.

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