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Rwanda: National Exams Proceed Under Cautious Approach

by Williams Buningwire
3:49 pm

With nearly 3000 new cases of COVID-19 registered on July 18, the highest number ever, Rwanda continues to intensify measures meant to prevent more spread of the pandemic whose level of fatality also remains a concern.

Kigali City and eight districts are in total lockdown, and more measures were taken in other parts of the country.

The education sector also shut its doors last week, but nearly 200,000 students will have to go out for national exams scheduled from July 20 onwards.

According to the National Examinations and Schools Inspection Authority (NESA), ordinary (O Level) exams will start on 20 July 2021, with 122,320 candidates compared to 119,932 candidates in 2019 which represent a 2% increase. The exams will go through 27 July 2021.

In the Advanced level or senior six, there is also an increase of 1.7%, up to 52,291 from 52,145 in 2019.

For the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) schools, exams kicked off with practical examinations from 14 June to July 3, but on July 20, they will proceed with Written exams.

There are 22,910 TVET candidates this year.

In addition, a total of 1,857 private candidates will sit advanced level exams, up from 1584 candidates in 2019, representing an increase of 17.2%.

All these candidates will write their exams after more than 4million younger candidates of Primary Leaving examinations(PLE) who sat for their exams between July 12-14.

On Monday, the candidates converged to the national examination centers for the briefing before starting to write their national examinations on July 20th.

The candidates in the City of Kigali were transported by buses from bus stations near their homes to the examination centers and will be dropped back in the evening.

 “All the candidates should report at their respective examination centers on Monday 19 at 9:00 AM without fail to receive the guidelines and briefing on how national examinations will be conducted,” a communique from the Ministry of Education reads.

The communique further reads that each private candidate should move with his/her registration form and National Identity card to simplify their transport facilitation.

“The candidates from Kigali city and other NESA employees will board buses at their usual bus stations at 5:30 AM, the buses will drop them near their examination centers and will transport them back to their homes after the examinations, starting at 3:30 PM,” the communique also reads.

According to the Ministry of Education, Eid Ul-Ad’ha on July 20 will be a public holiday. However, all the national examination candidates are reminded that examinations will continue as scheduled.

For more information, a candidate should dial a toll-free number of 3020.

Last week the Ministry of Education explained that the Covid-19  positive students in the Home Based Care(HBC)  and those in isolation rooms in boarding schools would be facilitated to write national exams under a special arrangement in partnership with the schools, health institutions, and local leaders in the community.

“ A parent or a guardian should ensure that children attend the exams on time. They should facilitate them with transport fees to and from examination centers and other basic needs including meals,” the communique reads.

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