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Bank of Kigali, Umuhuza Launch Community Libraries

by Daniel Sabiiti
2:46 pm

The Bank of Kigali in collaboration with a local non-governmental organization ‘Umuhuza’ has unveiled three community based libraries that will improve the reading culture in Rwanda.

The facilities were inaugurated in Rutunga sector, Gasabo District on September 21 a day which coincides with the annual celebration of the National Literacy month 2021.

The libraries were fully equipped with children and adult reading books which are packed with general knowledge, life and child stories which will engage the beneficiaries to improve their skills.

The libraries, co-funded by Bank of Kigali, will add to already existing libraries in which Umuhuza organization has since 2005, established around 4,000 reading clubs at village level, and donated over 600,000 books in various communities.

Mukamana Domina, a community education mobilization official, says that having reading facilities in the area will attract children and youth to become eager in learning new things in life instead of staying idle or spending time playing outdoor games.

Gedeon Rukundo, Legal Manager at Bank of Kigali said that establishing community libraries is part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility in which the bank sets aside 1% of its profits to give back to the community in funding such community projects.

“If citizens can read, this helps them to develop and contribute to the country’s growth but also as a bank, this means we have clients who are civilized since the libraries will equip them with financial skills and be able to manage bank loans,” Rukundo said.

The Bank of Kigali financed three community libraries in Gasabo district, with an objective of promoting a reading culture starting with children at young age.

In order to ensure this happens, Diane Gasana Ingabire, Programs Manager at Umuhuza said about 8,000 reading volunteers have been trained to guide children to read, and also visit them at their home to share knowledge with their families.

At policy level, Sylvan Mudahinyuka, the Managing Director of Kigali Public Library, who represented the Ministry of Education said that the objective is to offer books that respond to community needs and increase more books and reading activities where general schools and community libraries can work together to increase knowledge.

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