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Rwanda Among Top Ten World Safest Countries for Solo Travelers

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:31 pm


When you want to travel, something is for sure very important and that is security of the host country, write geo.fr a tourism ranking organisation.

The latter, has this month conducted an assessment that intended to help travelers as end of year festivities/holidays are knocking on the door.

A list of top ten world safest countries for solo travelers was established, and Rwanda is there in the middle.

“Whether you are looking for the calm, the nature, or entertainment, one thing remains essential for either a single mother or father: security of the host country.”

‘Miss Four Wheels” traveling in Kigali

All those factors taken into account, the ranking organ established a list that is dominated by European countries and includes just one country from Asia-Japan and one from Africa-Rwanda.

Criterion? Score on both security and criminality index.

And Switzerland tops the list, followed by Slovenia and then Japan in the top three.

Georgia and Island are fourth and fifth respectively, followed by the so called “country of a thousand hills” – Rwanda, which also, some refer to the Switzerland of Africa.

Grey crowned in Rwanda, one of the “most watch”

Croatia and the Czechoslovakia rank number seven and eight respectively while Austria ranks number nine and Denmark closes the list.

A selfie with President Paul KAGAME

Col.(Rtd) Ndore Rulinda, Commissioner of Peace and Security of Panafrican Movement Rwanda chapter said Rwanda being on this list is not surprising.

“We have security, stability and our country has reduced tremendously the impact of COVID-19. You can travel  uncompanied throught the country-that’s safety, no war, that’s security. You can move with your money on Mobile Money without any fear to loose it,” he said as a matter of examples.

Arsenal-Luiz-David in Rwanda’s Volcano national park

“You can ask any security officer any thing you want; they can even accompany you..no pickpocketing, no hijacking. Rwandans are friendly and so are their security institutions. There are quite many details that can show Rwanda’s security and safety.”

Ndore, a seasoned traveler says that in some cities, things we take for granted are rather serious.

”In some cities, you may not easily wear expensive jewelries and move around safely. For us, we don’t have such challenges,” he said.

davido performing in Kigali

Francine Havugimana, a local tourism expert cannot agree more.

“In several cities where we have travelled, they would tell you please hold tight your belongings, do not go to this place or that, which is a problem. A tourist comes here not for big names of hotels; they come here for discoveries,” she said.

”They need to go around the country, taste the “Kwa Kiruhura” fish, be able to enjoy the barbecue in Biryogo without fearing for their life.”

Tourists in Rwanda planning their next destination. Solo travelers does not necessarily mean you travel alone

Tourists would also be interested in the nature and wildlife; mountain gorillas, Akagera national park, the home of big five and so on.

Havugimana said, that Rwanda has done quite a lot to recover from the heavy cost of the Genocide; the country established strong security system, which allows people to move day and night without fearing anything.

Solo tourism is travel undertaken by a solo person. This person can be either single or in a relationship. They can be travelling alone, but also in a group. Solo travellers do not travel alone because they have to, but because they want to.

Source: geo.fr 

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