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It Was Always About Love: An Odyssey Of Faith – Mrs Jeannette Kagame

by Jeannette Kagame
7:17 am

First Lady Mrs. Jeannette Kagame

Few subjects have been explored as passionately,

in art and discourse, in history and philosophy,

as love.

Love, for all its complexity,

is unfortunately often reduced,

To unrealistic absolutes,

With just enough detail to feed a story

Of either pain or glory.

Yet it is the infinite number of shades in between,

that hold a mirror to the similarities,

Between love and life itself.

Love, at its dawn, is as soft and delicate as the newborn,

whose mother would rather not consider,

the trials which, to grow, her angel will have to conquer.

Like the DNA of its bearer, Love is unique to the lover.

Love moulds itself to the singularities of its subject,

But its core remains intact;

A transcendence of the self,

Beyond the confinements of ego,

Love is what you are willing to forego,

For the ones you wish to see thrive.

Maya Angelou wrote:

“We dare be brave

And suddenly we see

That love costs all we are

And will ever be.

Yet it is only love,

Which sets us free.’’

Love, is a commitment,

that grows weightless,

With the wings of joy.

On dit d’ailleurs que l’amour donne des ailes ;

Et de la perspective d’un bleu ciel

En survolant les travers d’un quotidien laborieux,

La vie peut être si belle.

Naho Rugamba w’u Rwanda ati:

Urukundo ni nk’imvura

Ahakomeye nk’urutare

Iyo rukomeje kuhogera

Haratinda hakoroha

Noneho rugacengera

Love is the invisible thread,

That joins the fabrics of strain,

Effort, delight and hope,

And thus together we cope,

Together we conquer pain.

It matters not the type of love;

Whether affection for a friend, or the support of a partner,

Loyalty for a nation; caring for a departing father

– love, a filament of pure gold,

joins the fate of individuals and their families,

Of families and their communities,

and of communities and whole nations.

Love fulfills duty in patriotism, in friendship, in family or in union,

But the regard and trust one is rewarded with in return,

Should never be weaponized to hold hostage or bond,

Those that on your protection and love rely,

For to dominate rather than protect,

Is to render any said “I love you”, a lie.

Love does not enslave; Love empowers.

And love is faithful, for love cares.

Love liberates; love perseveres.

As for to belonging to a nation,

And contributing to its advancement,

Some may borrow Tina Turner’s words –

“What’s love got to do with it?”

But to this, we raise lyrics of our own,

That speak of a love we shall not forfeit.

Komeza imihigo Rwanda dukunda

Duhagurukiye kukwitangira

Wowe mugongo mugari uduhetse

Dukwirwamo twese tugasusuruka

To love Rwanda is to refuse to see her offspring,

Failing and falling, or starving if there is feed;

Of loving the fellow Rwandans we must make the vows,

Not to overlook any child of Rwanda in need,

But to love and assist as long as capacity allows,

For only love can heal a world ravaged by greed.

Indeed, love allowed Rwanda to brave trials unmatched,

To become a nation of trust and faith,

That while heaven’s eye has pierced through the clouds,

Tomorrow’s light will be brighter still.

We sang to the flowers that grew,

From a soil others once claimed barren,

We saw the power of forgiveness through,

The bliss of peace newly given.

Qui aime bien, châtie peu,

Car l’amour écoute, l’amour pardonne, l’amour rassemble,

Et même sous la pluie de nos avrils nuageux,

L’amour, nous offre chaleur bénissante.

Love is the invisible thread,

That joins the fabrics of strain,

Effort, delight and hope,

And thus together we cope,

Together we conquer pain.

Every one of our nation’s families,

Which together form brave communities,

Will likely face the hardships,

Of every life enriched by relationships.

But to love boldly and intentionally,

Is to trust that the journey will provide,

Discovery and growth which,

Will assemble rather than divide.

To my dear and brave family and friends,

Whom I love to wit’s end,

May the lessons you engraved in my heart,

Allow me to do, in love, my part.

L’amour entre nos familles,

Qui furent un jour déchirées par distance et tragédie,

L’amour défendu en temps tempétueux par notre pays,

Engendre aujourd’hui,

Une jeunesse forte et courageuse,

Dont l’affection offrira un jour à mère patrie,

Des enfants aux rêves nouveaux,

Qu’elle aimera tant chérir.

Solomon sang:

“When I found him whom my soul loveth;

I held him and would not let him go”.

L’amour est un appel du coeur,

Qui ne laisse place à la rancœur,

Car celui qui veut aimer longuement,

Doit s’engager à comprendre,

Que l’amour a besoin de temps,

Pour évoluer, pour s’adapter, pour s’étendre.

Love asks that you drown wounding words,

In a sea of deliberate comprehension;

Resolve resolvable qualms, in spite of anger or hurt,

If it will allow a worthy love to move forward and on.

The life cycle of love isn’t always kind,

But it is fair when your love is humble,

And will endeavour not to leave behind,

Any bond worth the struggle.

If you dare to love boldly and bravely,

With consideration and intent,

You’ll make of life, with faith’s aptness,

A journey of love, a heart’s canvas.

« On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur.

L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. »

Urukundo nirwogere.

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