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Miss Rwanda Saga: Prince Kid’s Case Takes Shocking Turn As Prosecutors Seek In-Camera Trial

by Daniel Sabiiti
1:41 pm

Prince Kid and his lawyer Emelyne Nyembo.

Former Miss Rwanda manager, Ishimwe Dieudonné aka ‘Prince Kid’, has appeared in court today to face in-depth charges of sexual harassment against Miss Rwanda beauty contestants, an offence he allegedly committed through several years.

Prince Kid, is the CEO of Rwanda Inspirational Backup, a company that managed the Miss Rwanda beauty pageant for over 10 years.

He is charged with three charges of rape, soliciting sexual favors and sexual harassment, according case levied on him since his arrest in April 2022.

Today he appeared in court dressed in pink inmate shorts, short sleeved shirt and white sneakers looking happy to stand trial and took time to greet friends and the journalists at the Nyarugenge Intermediate court in Nyamirambo.

The trial turned around with lengthy arguments between the accused and the jury at the hearing, as Prince Kid said he could not stand trial without having a full team of his lawyers.

Prince Kid asked for the hearing to be put on hold to allow other cases to proceed as he waits for his lawyer (Kayijuka Ngabo). His lawyer Emelyne Nyembo was the only one in court.

The judge and the prosecution asked Prince Kid if he wants to postpone the case or something else, but he said he wants the second lawyer to come to the court so as to stand trial.

The Judges gave the Prince Kid’s second lawyer up to 10AM to appear in court but he (Kayijuka) didn’t make it.

The case took a surprising turn when court accepted a request by Prosecution to put the case in camera, against Ishimwe’s wish and to the dismay of the audience and media in attendance.

Prosecution argued that the names of the victims in a the sexual abuse case needed to be protected by Ishimwe argued that most of the details of the case are already out in the media and there is nothing to hide. Ishimwe also argued that the victims could be given a code to identify them.

The judges rule in favour of the Prosecution request, stating that the reason to put the case in camera was to protect the image of the persons (victims) involved, who still have their future ahead of them.

This is not the first time this case has been put behind closed doors, leaving the general public reeling as the case of huge public interests. Many would want to know what transpired during the Miss Rwanda selection, bootcamps and awarding of former Miss Rwanda contestants.


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