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PHOTOS: President Kagame Meets Give Directly Team

by Daniel Sabiiti
4:09 am

President Kagame on Thursday met Rory Stewart, President of Give Directly, and his team.

President Paul Kagame today received Rory Stewart, President of Give Directly, and held discussions on furthering collaboration towards socio-economic transformation.

Give Directly is a Non-Governmental & Nonprofit Organization that operates globally focusing on sending support (in cash money) directly to low-income survivors of Hurricane Ian and Fiona.

Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida on September 28th. Over 2.5 million people were ordered to evacuate their homes, leaving them with rising expenses to cover the cost of food, temporary shelter, transportation, and more.

Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 18th, displacing 12,500+ people. Weeks later, Puerto Rico remains in a federal state of emergency with over 100,000 residents still without power.

The organization also has operations in Africa, especially Rwanda where it has activities in 17 Districts in Rwanda and has provided unconditional cash transfers to over 170,000 households.

Give Directly depends on donations to enable them to meet these immediate needs, without being passed through another non-profit- a model that has a direct impact on beneficiaries around the world.

Findings from 165 studies, covering 56 cash transfer programs in low- and middle-income countries show there is strong evidence that cash transfers are associated with reductions in monetary poverty even though the proportion of aid spending delivered as cash transfers is only 18% as humanitarian assistance and 2% from a major government funder.

Currently, the organization has collected $3,328,712 of the $5.9Million goal.

If the fundraising surpasses its current goal, the organization says that is prepared to scale response to deliver more funds to more people in need.

“If we’re unable to deliver all hurricane relief funds to those directly affected for any reason, the remaining funds will be allocated to other families in need, with a preference for our U.S. programs,” Give Directly says on its official website.

You can donate via our secure donation page. We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, checks, wires, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. Reach the organization at [email protected] for more information on ways to give.

GiveDirectly is leading the world’s largest and longest-term study to date studying the effects of a Universal Basic Income.

As part of this $30M project, we have already distributed millions of dollars to 20,000 individuals living across 197 villages, and an additional 100 villages have been surveyed as a control group.

Some individuals will receive payments for 12 years, and the full study will last at least that long. Initial results on the effects of UBI during COVID-19 were released in September 2020; additional results from the first end-line survey are expected early next year.

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