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Rayon Sport Fans Get New Investment Partner

by Daniel Sabiiti
1:07 pm

RNIT Iterambere Fund CEO Gatera Jonathann(L) and Rayon Sports president Jean Fidele Uwayezu

The allegedly Rwanda’s most popular football team, Rayon Sport yesterday gained a new sponsor, the Rwanda National Investment Trust Ltd- RNIT Iterambere Fund in an undisclosed fund signed between the two sides.

This agreement will greatly help the fans of Rayon Sports who will be saving through the RNIT fund savings scheme whenever they buy match tickets in any friendly game played by their team.

“This will help the fans to enter and watch the game for the amount paid, but also be able to make savings which will go immediately into the RNIT fund,” said Jonathan Gatera, the CEO of RNIT Fund.

Gatera said that the fans will get interest on the amount invested in the fund.

The President of Rayon Sports, Jean Fidele Uwayezu, said that they have a plan to build Rayon Sports in a sustainable way, and that is why they approached RNIT fund as a key partner to achieve this goal.

“Our goal of building a professional organization cannot be achieved alone. That’s why we approached the fund to help us but also enable them in their goal of reaching many youths through our games and social media,” Uwayezu said.

Despite having a history of financial constraints, Rayon Sports, founded in 1968, is one of the popular teams among the youth and elderly Rwandans, with a long history dating from its origins in Nyanza district.

The RNIT Development Fund is a financial tool, designed by Rwanda National Investment Trust Ltd to cater to the wealth creation aspirations, especially of Rwandans earning at least 11% interest per annum.

It is the first unit trust product and has been designed as an open-ended balanced fund with a predominant bias to fixed income instruments.

The fund is a pass- through vehicle for direct participation in capital markets albeit, at the comfort and pace of each investor, with the intent to create long term wealth.

A pass-through vehicle means the returns from the investment assets are fully passed on to the unit holders, net of fees in proportion to their holdings in the scheme.

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