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Senior Six Results Out: Upcountry Schools Outperform City Schools

by Williams Buningwire
1:52 pm

Best performing students with senior education officials.

The Ministry of Education has released 2022 senior six national examinations results, with upcountry schools dominating the list of best performing students.

On a list of the best five schools, Alexis Ndahimana who studied Math Chemistry, Biology (MCB) is the best student from ES Kirinda, Karongi district, Western Province. He was followed by Orlyse Ineza who studied Math, Physics and Geography (MPG) from Gashora girl’s academy of sciences from Bugesera district, Eastern province.

“It required energy, and concentration. Working hard, sleeping less than usual to be outstanding. But I have been preparing since senior four,” Ndahimana said.

“It is not something you can do for a few days, or months to the examinations and expect good results,” he added.

The third best student is Nesta Ngamije Gwiza, he studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) from Petit Semanaire Virgo Fidelis de Butare located in Huye district, Southern Province.

In fourth position is Karebu Niyoyavuze, who also studied PCB from Cornerstone Leadership academy, located in Rwamagana district, Eastern Province.

Ana Elie Ntakirutimana who studied Biology Chemistry Geography (BCG) from GSO Butare, Huye district, Western province, sealed a list of top five.

For the Technical and Vocational Education and Training school (TVET) level, Arnaud Sebera Hirwa from Rwanda School of creative arts and Music, emerged the best, followed by Response Ashwimwe Sibomana on second position, from World Mission Secondary School, located in Kigali City.

“Good results are worked for, but it also goes hand in hand with discipline,” Innocent Rukundo, Headteacher of World Mission TVET school said.

The Minister of State for Education in charge of ICT and TVET highlighted the performance of TVET in the national exams.

“During evaluation we don’t simplify exams, we are always tough. This gives students a spirit to learn. It is one of the systems we use,” he added.

The third was Emmanuel Nyandwi, from Kageyo TVET school, followed by Claude Dukundimana from IPRC Kigali city, and Charlotte Uwimbabazi from ACEJ Karama, who was listed on the fifth position.

For Rwanda Coding Academy (RCA), the best student is Anseleme Irumva Habumugisha. The school that started in 2019 had one representative as the best student academically in the national exams.

“We had good teachers, the Internet and computers. Everything is there. I had to just work at it every day and focus on passing with flying colors,” Habumugisha said.

In the Teacher’s Teaching Colleges (TTCs) category, Frank Kimenyi is number one from TTC Save, followed by Donat Uwamahoro who studied from TTC Mururu, and Chantal Uwamariya also from TTC Save.

TTC Rubengera located in Karongi district had two best students, in fourth and fifth position. They are; Elie Niyomukiza and Olivier Niyomungeri.

General performance

The number of students who sat for national exams in senior six were 47,606 candidates, 21,340 for TVETs, and 2,907 for TTCs. The Private candidates were 1481.

Gaspard Twagirayezu, Minister of State Primary and Secondary Education, speaks during the release of results.

According to the National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA), in all levels candidates passed at an average rate of 94.6%, 5.4 failed, while 87.9% got two principal passes and qualified for admissions in universities and other tertiary institutions.

This is the first time; the new grading system has been used.

Dr. Bernard Bahati, Director General of NESA said that for advanced Level or senior six, whether for general education, TVET, or TTCs, the greatest total aggregate was 60.

This year, a new grading boundary for national examinations core subjects have been established as follows; from 70 to 100% marks is described as “Excellent” with a letter grade “A” and Grade Value “6” for each subject.

From 65 to 69% is described as “Very Good” with a letter grade “B” and Grade Value “5”. From 60 to 64% marks is described as “Good” with a letter grade “C” and Grade Value “4”.

The marks ranging from 50 to 59% is described as “Satisfactory” with a letter grade “D” and Grade Value “3”.

Scores from 40 to 49% is described as “Adequate” with a letter grade “E” and Grade Value “2”.

This was determined by taking into account the importance of each subject in all possible combinations.

For secondary subjects at the Advanced level, a letter grade of “S” and a grade value of “1” indicate “Fair” performance, while a letter grade of “F” and a grade value of “0” indicate “Fail.”

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