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Moshion’s Turahirwa Apologises For Leaked Video

by KT Press Staff Writer
9:11 am

Moses Turahirwa, commonly known as ‘Moshions’.

Acclaimed Rwanda fashion designer and founder of Moshions, Moses Turahirwa, has apologised for an x-rated video that leaked over the festive season, making rounds on social media. The video shows the designer engaged in sexual intercourse with men.

On social media platforms, the influential designer became a subject of discussion, with many condemning his act as ‘un-Rwandan’ and while others said that it went against the Rwandan culture. Turahirwa was also subjected to homophobic attacks by sections of social media users, over the video which was leaked on the New Year.

Turahirwa took to Twitter on Thursday morning to apologise and explain the genesis of the video, which he said was leaked from Italy after his snapchat account was hacked. The singer is partly based in the European country, where he studied fashion.

“On behalf of my brand @Moshions, I would like to apologize to the whole #Rwandan friends and fans on the abusive incident [that] happened in Italy at the end of 2022, I respect and support our culture values,” Turahirwa said in the post.

The owner of the Rwandan luxury brand also added that he is negotiating to retrieve the hacked Snapchat account previously known as ‘MosesRw’ on the video sharing social media platform.

“I humbly request for #RWOT & #Rwandan media support by disregarding any shared confusing content since #NYE22 & condemn together this artists harming act happening in Italy,” he added, signing it off with his initials ‘MT’, to affirm that he was the author the tweets.

In November last year, Turahirwa had announced that his account will be managed by the Hub of artists to share the creative work and initiatives with the world without his personal engagements but said that tweets from him would have his initials.

The decision followed another social media storm after he shared his photo posing naked under the volcanoes to announce his new initiative “Kwanda Season I”. The 31-year-old fashion designer is renowned for dressing up global celebrities and leaders.


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