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Rwanda Accuses DRC Forces Of Shooting At Border Post

by Edmund Kagire
2:16 pm

Rwanda says DRC forces fired on Rwandan territory at the South Western border.

Rwanda has accused government forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) of yet again violating her territory following an incident on Wednesday in the south-western part of the country.

The Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) in a statement said that Congolese government forces known as FARDC in the wee hours of Wednesday morning encroached on the territory between the two countries, commonly known as ‘no man’s land’, from where they fired on the Rwandan territory.

“On Wednesday morning at 4h30, FARDC forces estimated to be about one section (12 to 14 soldiers) entered the No Man’s Land between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) bordering Rusizi District in Western Province, and opened fire at our border post. Our security forces responded and FARDC soldiers withdrew,”

“At 0554hrs, a FARDC forces visited the scene and cleaned up the area. There were no casualties on the Rwanda side and the situation is calm. The RDF has requested the Expanded Joint verification Mechanism and the Ad Hoq Verification Mechanism to investigate this act of provocation,” the brief statement issued by RDF reads.

Last month, Rwandan forces shot at a Congolese fighter jet for violating the Rwandan airspace for the third time.



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