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Investors from Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia to Meet In Kigali Expo

by Williams Buningwire
11:43 am

Textille in Ethiopia

For the first time, Rwanda will host a business expo that features Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia. The two-day expo to be held at Kigali Convention Center, from 10th to 11 May aims at strengthening business ties between the countries.

It is an international expo that was formerly hosted in European Asia,  and other African countries.

According to Natacha Haguma, co-founder and managing director of General Logistics Services who prepared the event,  the expo is an opportunity to discuss strengthening business ties with other countries.

“There will be time for talks and for showcasing their products. The biggest part will be about discussing business ties, and ways to bring products in the country,” Haguma said.

Mustafa Osama, President and CEO of Expo Team Services Company said that initially this expo was hosted by Asian, Europe and other African countries but Rwanda has consistently indicated a good business environment.

“There is a good business environment, and needed infrastructures. It gives various opportunities in business. The country is at the center of East Africa, and there is a big market with over 280 million people. Most of these people are young and that means good opportunities,” Osama said.

This expo will be in two categories; ICT exhibition and business. A total of 40 local companies and about 60 foreign companies will participate.

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