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The Capital Market University Challenge Is Back

by Emmy Nuwamanya
1:56 pm

The Rwanda’s Capital Market Authority University Challenge has been launched with a call on youth to exploit savings and investment opportunities.

It is the 10th edition, organized  in collaboration with the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE), the Rwanda National Investment Trust (RNIT), and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (iCPAR).

The three-month-long competition that will run up to June 16th 2023  is  aimed  to expose university students and other higher learning institutions to the capital market industry, enabling them acquire a saving and investment culture through the capital markets.

It is also an opportunity to promote financial literacy among university students in Rwanda and to raise awareness about the importance of investing in the capital markets.

In all 9 previous editions, this particular competition has attracted more than 10,000 participants in both the quiz and written essay categories, from all Universities and Higher Learning Institutions across Rwanda.

The 2023 Capital Market University challenge will comprise three stages in the provincial quiz category, whereby winners from each stage shall go to the next round. Three winners from the 3rd round at  provincial level shall immediately go to the national level.

More so, the  10th edition of the Capital Market University Challenge will be fully conducted digitally through the portal: https://investor.cma.rw/. Potential contestants shall register either in quiz or essay categories via the link: http://investor.cma.rw/cmuc/login/index.php. At national level, the top three contestants, drawn from winners at the provincial level will get additional awards.

Pascal Niyomuremyi, is former winner of the annual Capital Market University Challenge. Together with his saving club bought stocks, from that moment they are saving regularly in capital market products and started growing their business.

The youthful Pascal said,  “We did not spend recklessly  the acquired money, as Capital Market Authority teaches us the culture of saving and investing, we bought shares in some of the listed companies. After one year we invested in other businesses and as of now our business is growing and we still have shares in stocks.”

Magnifique Mugisha, Coordinator of the Capital Market University Challenge, stressed that “We believe that the most effective way for the youth to secure their future is to venture into smart saving and investment opportunities in order to guarantee their lives sustainability. The concept of such competition was initiated to facilitate attaining such objective.’

Mugisha added that enabling young people to explore capital markets through saving and investing in capital market products (shares, bonds, and any other instruments) offered by different firms at the Rwandan stock market, is one of the best ways for them to secure their future.

The Capital Market University Challenge provides several benefits to participating students including Learning about investing, opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals

Jonathan Gatera, CEO of Rwanda National Investment Trust stressed that, “This challenge encourages entrepreneurship among university students as some of them were inspired to start their own businesses or invest in startups after learning about various financing options available in Rwanda’s capital market.’

As soon as one registers, contestants start researching the provided topic and submit it once they are done, not wait for the deadline. The essay has to be original and innovative, not more than 800 words and plagiarism is punishable with discontinuation from the Challenge.

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