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Featured: Mighty Engineering-Team Rwanda Celebrates Success Story and Partnership

by Daniel Sabiiti
7:33 pm


The Mighty Engineering Teams

Mighty Engineering Co, a Rwandan-US based leading engineering service company has celebrated a new partnership with Sunrun, one of its biggest clients, and the largest solar installer by market share in the US (~20%) and number one in the World.

Founded in 2019 by Engineers Jean Claude Kayigana and Jean Bosco Nizeyimana, Mighty Engineering is a company that employes young Rwandan engineering graduates to make photovoltaic (PV) system design and permitting for the US market.

The company has teams of 200 designers, electrical and structural engineers in the US, India and Philippines. And, lastly, the Rwandan team is composed of 80 full time and 60 part-time Rwandan engineers, since November 2022.

Amy Sgro (L) the Sunrun Vendor Strategy Manager strokes the Rwandan traditional dance – Amaraba

The company has focused on recruiting local talented engineering graduates who have equal or more skills to the rest of the engineering world and have mastered the US National Electrical Code (NEC) International Building Code, US Fire department requirements among other codes.

Most of their designs have been sold on the US market (in 25+ states) and approved for use following the instructions set by the designers who include Rwanda talents.

To celebrate this achievement and new partnership the Rwandan team held a dinner party in Kigali city this June 9, 2023 to welcome a visiting Sunrun delegation to meet with Rwandan engineers in person and hear the stories behind the young men and women who made it happen back in Kigali.

L-R Jean Claude Kayigana, Codie Wright and Amy Sgro

Jean Claude Kayigana, the Mighty Engineering CEO & Co Founder said the new partnership will increase their market reach globally, skills development, competitiveness but also create jobs in the country.

“It is our role as diaspora to contribute to building Rwanda’s economy and positively impacting on families by employing young talented engineers using our acquired skills from local and foreign universities,” Kayigana said.

This ambition is expected to contribute to Rwanda’s targets to create 1.5 million off-farm jobs by 2024.

Inyamibwa traditional troop entertains the participants

Kayigana said that being a Rwandan, it is an advantage to the extent that as an employer, the company understands the Rwandan talents, can easily communicate and know the needs of their team to effectively compete on the global market.

Sunrun officials, Codie Wright and Amy Sgro, the Director Permit Design and Vendor Strategy Manager respectively said that they entered this partnership with a hard task required of Mighty Engineering to prove their worth as business partner, which happened in many ways.

Wright said that they were looking for a group of high quality designers and Mighty engineering was their choice which has proven its worth.

“The best part of this partnership is their ability to deliver products that we are able to trust and not to really have to dig in and double check the final details. They do a great job,” Wright said.

Sgro said that working with Rwandan engineers has exposed them to the country which has made development progress in the last 29 years after the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

“Look at them, they are happy and full of love and gentleness towards each other, which I personally love. As far as Might team they are so responsive to our needs. They take what we give them, clarify it and put it into action as fast as they can,” Sgro said.

Sandrine Elise Hirwa(2nd Left)

This work ethic and desire to perform above expectations, saw one female designer, Sandrine Elise Hirwa awarded the first ever reward of Best designer and best performer for doing 145 projects in a month with zero era and no complaints from the clients.

“I just love to perform above my expectations because I am thrilled with learning more about designing the PV systems which are not in Rwanda and I hope that I can use this knowledge to design similar systems for Rwandans,” Hirwa said on reception of the awards.

Jean Claude Kayigana

Though PV systems are new in Rwanda, there has been a slow adaptation to use of PV systems on new homes, which reduces the amount of dependence on electricity for lighting homes by using solar panels.

Sunrun officials said that they look forward to scale up their services in the US and Mighty Engineering is one of the vendors they are looking at to achieve this goal and to see the PV systems services sold on the local market in future.

The Mighty Engineering Team

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