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Miss Rwanda’s Prince Kid Sentenced to Five Years In Jail

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
2:59 pm

Today, the High Court in Kigali sentenced to five years in jail the Miss Rwanda contest organizer Ishimwe Dieudonne famously known as Prince Kid over rape and soliciting sexual favours.

It is one of cases that took several corners and raised public controversies.  In April 2022 Kid was arrested after it emerged that he was involved in sexual abuse against contestants of Miss Rwanda through the 10 years under his management as CEO of Rwanda Inspiration Back Up which organises the competition.

He was charged with three counts including rape, harassment and soliciting or offering sexual favours in the much publicized case that made trends on social media and was sent to trial in- camera.

Ishimwe Dieudonme a.k.a Prince Kid

After several battle with prosecution, Ishimwe was released on December 2nd, 2022 after Nyarugenge Intermediate Court cleared him of all charges, but the prosecution appealed the decision.

The trial in appeal started in High court on March 31,2023 where two prosecution witnesses code-named VKF and VMF told the court that Kid raped them and sought sexual favours respectively from them.

Another witness code-named VBF said that she experienced sexual harassment from Kid and the prosecution concluded by seeking 16 year in jail against Kid.

In the ruling today, the court said that Prince Kid raped VMF while profiting his weakness. She also sought sexual favours from VKF three times.

However, Kid was not found guilty of sexual harassment from VBF who said that the defendant used to call her at night asking for sexual favours.

It is a case that was characterized by many ups and downs, moments of emotions and controversies. Early March, Prince Kid and Miss Rwanda Iradukunda Elsa became wife and husband after legal marriage, an event the public said was a show of true love.

Iradukunda is the person who defended Prince Kid since the beginning of the trial until she was taken to court over allegation of fraud related to this sympathy, but she won the case.

In August 31,2023, Iradukunda introduced Kid to the family and the couple said I do two days later in a colorful and highly supported wedding at Intare conference Arena.

To many, an idea that the case would end at this sad note was far-fetching.

Prince Kid would have the sentence enforced after one month unless there is an appeal that would probably seek to review the trial.

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