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More Buses Arrive To Ease Public Transport Challenges In City of Kigali

by Edmund Kagire
1:47 pm

Vice Mayor and Col (Rtd) Twahiwa Dodo speak after receiving 20 new buses.

The City of Kigali on Friday received a fleet of 20 new state-of-the-art buses that will help reduce the shortage of public transport vehicles and ease movement especially during peak hours.

The new buses which belong to Jali Transport Company, an investment company of Rwanda Federation of Transport Cooperative (RFTC), were received on Friday by  Dr. Merard Mpabwanamaguru, Vice Mayor in Charge of Urbanisation and Infrastructure, businessman Col (Rtd) Dodo Twahirwa  and other officials.

The buses are expected to address the persistent challenge of shortage of buses in the public transport sector. Dr. Mpabwanamaguru said that the new buses are a welcome addition to the already existing buses and will help to fill the gap as the government awaits for the arrival of more buses.

Dr. said that buses will help reduce the shortage of buses as more buses are expected.

In recent months, it was announced that the government had initiated the importation of at least 300 buses to help address the shortage in the short medium as more solutions are being sought. According the Vice Mayor, the first batch of 100 buses will arrive in the country ‘soon’.

However, the arrival of the 20 buses will help in terms of easing movement of commuters especially during peak hours, and to reduce queues in bus terminals, especially along the routes plied by Jali Transport Company.

The RFTC-owned transport company operates the Nyabugogo Bus Park – Kimironko Bus Park, Downtown Bus Park – Kimironko Bus Park and Kimironko Bus Park – Batsinda routes, among others.

The 20 buses are made by Yutong, a Chinese manufacturer of commercial vehicles based in Zhengzhou, Henan.



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