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A Cultural Weekend That Was

by Natasha Kamanzi
12:46 pm

Inyamigwa artiste

From Muyango and Cecile Kayirebwa who have done iconic songs to Cyusa Ibrahim and Ruti Joel who are considered the young generations of Gakondo and from cultural troops of Inyamibwa, Inganzongali and Ibihame by’Imana, cultural artistes have proved yet again that culture is inclusive, intergenerational.

Inyamibwa cultural troop

Friday night at KCEV most known as Camp Kigali was a cultural concert called Kigali Kulture Konnect organized by MA Africa. This brought together most of all elements that makes cultural night (igitaramo) be it songs, poetry, stories, cultural instrumental (inanga) and traditional food and drinks.

Inganzo ngari artiste

Performers included an upcoming artist called Jabo showcasing his talent playing inanga a one of kind traditional instrument considered by many an art by itself. Most of his performance included his album “Hinga. 

Poet Rumaga Junior regarded as the best in his generation showed again the audience


that poetry is not boring. Accompanied by Shauku band the Mawe singer gave a thrilling performance also joined on stage by comedian Rusine in their poem “Intambara y’ibinyobwa”.

Jabo playing inanga

Rumaga ended his performance paying tribute to late Yvan Buravan in a featured posthumous song “Intango”.

Inyamibwa, a cultural troupe performed different dances showing traditional games and elegance. Including ikinimba, uduhozo, umushayayo, intore among others.

Ruti Joel

The audience was enjoying the show also being served traditional food served on imbehe a woodern plate used back in the days and drinks in uducuma. The organizer said the concept was to bring together everything that make a good cultural concert.

“Igitaramo the cultural way is not only dances but the storytelling through songs and poems without forgetting the food, we also want to host such events every month.”

Ibihame by’Imana

Then Sunday came the closing of Iwacu Muzika Festival after touring the country with different artist EAP the organizer decided the theme will be cultural concerts.

This concert saw a variety in the audience from the old generation to young ones having fun the Rwandan way in the BK Arena.

In the press conference preparing the concert the Sabizeze hitmaker Muyango said he is not worried about where gakondo is right now even if him and his agemates can’t make any more songs. “We didn’t work alone or in vain because we have young talents like Cyusa, Ruti and manymore who are able to make new music and much more to give”


The night saw exceptional entertaining dances and epics from three cultural troupes ibihame by’imana made of only intore (male dancers), inyamibwa dominating the stage and Inganzongali that paid tribute to Nzeyimana Alain the Cyitatire cya Mutabazi one of the founders of the troupe.Inganzongali proved again that they own the stage.

Cyusa Ibrahim performed two songs dedicated to his excellence president Paul Kagame “Migambi y’abagabo” and Imena gitero of Rugamba Cyprien. The imparamba singer went on to perform his hits umwiza, imparamba, marebe…. that had the audience stand and dance.

Ruti Joel known as Rumata his stage performed in both Kigali kulture konnect and iwacu muzika festival proved yet again that being young is no hinderance to doing gakondo style. Friday he paid tribute to his friend late Yvan Buravan in his song “Oya” saying “No we cannot forget him”. Sunday he performed his songs on his album “Musomandera” a fusion of gakondo and modern genre.


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