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Featured: Eden Care Transforming Health Insurance with Digital Innovation

by Sam Nkurunziza
4:17 pm

  The health insurance sector in Rwanda is a notch higher with the introduction of a revamped digital innovation where one uses a smart phone to access an extensive network of health services.

One gets to easily access health care providers, customer support and personalized wellness content, all on a single mobile app.

Eden Care insurance has introduced this technology to the Rwandan market in which data science is used to offer a delightful digital customer experience with various products including personalized healthcare with a preventative focus.

Kevin Rudahinduka, the Country CEO explains that one is able to use this insurance policy to get medical checkup in advance other than just waiting to get treatment when one falls sick.

Ours is an engaging health care program covering preventive health checks, fitness, nutrition and mental health, thus making it simple to stay healthy in the comfort of your personal environment,” he said.

The innovation provides employees and other individuals with bespoke health plans, access to a network of trusted healthcare providers, automated claims processing and all other insurance cover details.

According to Rudahinduka, the web portal and other social media platforms ensure standard virtual care thus reducing the total health care cost since one can chat with a health care team anywhere anytime.

Established in September last year, Eden Care has close to 6000 members and is affiliated to over 500 health centers and pharmacies countrywide. It is the first health insurance company built around this new technology.

Moses Mukundi, the founder of Eden Care explains that the company’s major motivation is to restore the African health insurance space which suffers from an awful experience, runaway cost inflation, and broken trust.

We are set to amplify efforts and commitment to redefining health insurance in Africa, aiming to extend its footprint beyond Rwanda,” Mukundi says.

Eden Care’s mission is to empower individuals with the resources they need to take control of their healthcare needs without necessarily having an insurance card or any other paperwork.

Belize Kalisa, the Human Resorce Manager at Ballistic Burgers Ltd is one of the members who have greatly benefited from this new approach.

I love the way Eden Care is digital and the fact that we don’t always need to carry insurance cards. Their customer support is reliable and available any time,” she says.

With the available group health insurance plans that protect both health and finances, members are destined to enjoy premier care without the stress of high costs and the sky is surely the limit.

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