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Rwanda 2024 Volleyball Season Kicks Off in Style

by Amon Nuwamanya
11:35 am

APR VC and REG VC’s game was tight and tough

Rwanda volleyball national league 2024 started in style and pomp as phase one, round one opened in Gisagara and Huye district in the Southern Province.

The first day of Rwanda volleyball national league 2024 was electric as the league’s giants locked horns in first round, the men’s games took place in Gisagara while women’s games played in IPRC Huye in Huye district on dates of 20th-21st January.

This year’s season was attended by 16 teams which include 10 men’s teams and 6 in women category where each team played at least 2 games this weekend.

All eyes were on teams like REG VC, Kepler VC, Police VC, Gisagara VC and APR with a lot of expectations due to how mentioned teams strengthened their respective squads ahead of new season but surprisingly some started in paralyzed mode.

Kinyinya based and new League’s entrant Kepler VC,  and APR VC were among the underdogs as they lost to Police VC and REG VC by 3-0 sets respectively.

Rwanda Police VC team

Despite that is the new comer in the national league Kepler VC is among the strongest team in the league as the team mostly composed by the players who were playing from the first division such as Mahoro Ivan, Nkuruziza John, Mutabazi Yves recent signing, South Sudanese Michael Mangom and Tanzanian David Necke.

Also still struggling with injury of their extraordinary middle blocker Jean Baptista Tuyizere who is still out of the games until February.

APR VC is another team that has shown less strength compared to what people expected as one of the strongest teams in the Rwandan league as it has kept the 2020 league title with coach Mutabazi Elie at that time without losing a single game. The team was also defeated by REG VC sets 3-0.

APR VC entered the league with only one new signing in order to strengthen the team which is different to others. They decided to used young players who had been promoted from the second division and this will cost them a lot of energy to join the tittle race.

Another highlight of the first day of the volleyball season was the performance of the East African University men’s and women’s teams, even though they are playing their first year in Rwanda volleyball.

Gisagara VC, Police VC and REG VC all these teams did not lose a single match in the matches they played on the first day.

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