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Bank of Kigali Unveils An Inclusive Financial And Cashless Campaign

by Daniel Sabiiti
10:00 pm

BK CEO Dr. Diane Karusisi (6th from right) and the Nanjye Ni BK clients from all walks of life

The Bank of Kigali Plc has unveiled its long awaited financial inclusion campaign dubbed Nanjye Ni BK, literally meaning “I am also with BK” aimed at growing a wider BK community in Rwanda.

The campaign which has been in the pipeline for many years, comes as a response to client’s feedback on improving Bank of Kigali (BK) services for all Rwandans.

Dr. Diane Karusisi, the BK Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said that with this campaign, the bank will be brought in the hands of all Rwandans from all walks of life and careers.

“We want to walk with all Rwandans in this journey of development. We have the passion and we are sure this will take us somewhere because we have smart young minds and able staff,” Karusisi said during the launch event held at BK Headquarters in Kigali city.

Karusisi stated that today the bank has started the journey which won’t be simple but working together in collaboration with all Rwandans, the BK community can build the country they want.

Dr. Diane Karusisi, the BK Chief Executive Officer

Désiré Rumanyika, the BK Chief Digital and Retail Officer said that since its incorporation (in 1966) BK has grown into community driven by finding financial solutions and this has come with listening to feedback from its clients.

“We have been improving our services following your feedback which is why we are here as a community based on finding financial solutions for you in order to improve our services,” Rumanyika said.

Rumanyika stated that the client’s feedback, gathered over time through different channels, has been a precedent to create new products and that the bigger the community grows the more energy it acquires along the way.

In response to this demand for better services, Rumanyika revealed that the bank will soon have all its services digitalized and accessible on smart and USSD phones to reach more Rwandans and to further grow the BK community.

Désiré Rumanyika, the BK Chief Digital and Retail Officer

What will be Improved?

For instance, all BK clients, regardless of their background will now be able to make their banking transactions (making payments, sending, receiving, deposit money and loans applications) on the phone.

This will come specifically with loan requests made on smart phones and the requests approved in two minutes for loans going from Rwf500,000 up to Rwf30million.

This new product adds to another existing quick-loan service- the BKquick which enables BK customers to borrow from their bank and acquire the loan amount from their mobile phones instantly. The loan amount can go up to Rwf500,000.

BK clients will also now be able to make their savings using phone and this comes with 8% interest rate but also open BK account using a USSD phone or open an account using agents without going to the bank.

To reach this goal, Rumanyika revealed that BK plans to have its agents (BK Yacu) in every village and this will mean recruiting and deploying at least 10,000 agents.

As a Rwandan bank, BK also unveiled new credit cards designs with new looks engraved with images that are only unique to Rwanda- such as the Kigali Convention Centre, the City of Kigali Offices, Rwandan dancers among other. These card will be offered for free.

The BK point-of-sale (PoS) machines will also offer a 15- 30% discount for users and the BK arena prepaid card (with 30% discount on services at the BK Arena) will also be extended to parks, gyms and other recreation activities.

Jacqueline Mukashema, has been BK client for over 20 years

Jacqueline Mukashema, who has been a BK client for over 20 years said that the fact that BK listens to its clients is a great way to enhance digital and seamless client’s services.

“I am happy to see that BK has opened new doors, making it easy for everyone to become a client, open an account without moving a step, which is different from the earlier perception that the bank was for the rich ones,” Mukashema said.

Mukashema stated that with this new BK move, the bank will make every Rwandan feel at home and be part of the bank’s vision and development agenda to financially transform lives of Rwandans.

Young Rwandans were among new BK clients


Some of the BK staff


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