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Build Better and Modern Churches – RGB To Religious Leaders

by Daniel Sabiiti
5:28 pm

Nyabugingo worship center

The Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), Dr. Usta Kayitesi, has challenged religious leaders in the City of Kigali to build churches representing the country’s vision, leadership and goals.

Dr Kayitesi made the remarks on June 16, 2024, while officially opening a new Nyabugingo worship centre- the only state-of-the-art church building in Nyarugenge district.

The inauguration of the three- stored modern Nyabugingo worship centre (worth over Rwf800million),  located in the Nyakabanda sector, near Iryanyuma stage, was also attended by the City of Kigali officials, Bishops and Pastors from various churches in Kigali and Uganda.

The latter said that the Nyabungingo church structure leaves a challenge for many churches to copy as a way of abiding by the existing regulations and guidelines on worship structures in the country set by RGB during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Nyabugingo worship center, located in Nyakanda sector, Nyarugenge district

“This is a very nice church for the community but also for the country. This is also an example of constructing a church in a manner that utilizes small land appropriately but also in consideration of needs of persons with disabilities,” Kayitesi said.

According to RGB statistics, 80% of the churches and worship places have managed to meet the basic requirements of constructing safe and secure structures; however, the remaining 20% have built structures outside of the regulations.

“We want places of worship to go beyond the basic requirements of constructing churches and consider putting in place structures that represent the vision of the country,” Kayitesi said.

Kayitesi said that it is true that churches are now changing their reputation and becoming a good symbol of the country’s vision, but with the current peace and prosperity in the country, church leaders need to put up structures where the future generation can find a place to be and find peace.

The Man Behind Nyabugingo:

Pastor Canisius Gacura (in a wheelchair)

Pastor Canisius Gacura, the Head Pastor of Nyabugingo worship center is the man behind the church which RGB says is a symbol of the country’s progress among religious groups but also setting pace for others.

Pastor Gacura was born in Uganda as a normal child but at age 9, for unknown physiological reasons, he was handicapped and unable to walk at all. Though he remained positive as a child growing up and dreaming of having a family, he also desired to end his life by committing suicide.

“I was frustrated for not being able to attend school yet I loved school, I was desperate because I had no wheelchair, and thus attempted to commit suicide using rat poison,” Gacura told the congregation.

While attempting suicide, Gacura says he heard a voice that told him not to drink the poison- a day he will not forget the day because he vividly remembers that he was 13 years old and that is the he day went to the church to be born again, and seek God’s salvation.

Pastor Canisius Gacura telling his life story of disability and triumph against all odds

At 15, Gacura says that God helped him to get an education at an old age and he sat with other young children spelling the ABC, but managed to complete primary, secondary and joined bible school and later graduated in religious studies – attaining a Bachelor and now pursuing a PhD.

On returning to Rwanda, he chose the Nyamirambo hill as a place to do his pastoral activities but started the church inside the sitting room, then later moved to a tent in Nyakabanda- the same place where the Nyabugingo worship centre is located.

With the help of his wife, Christians and well-wishers, Gacura embarked on the Nyabugingo worship centre construction project in 2018 and this enabled him to raise the multi-million structure.

“This structure is God’s blessing and I cannot tell you that it is my efforts, but the Will of God, whom I had asked to enable me to attain this goal of constructing a church which represents his presence in our lives,” Gacura said.

RGB CEO Dr. Usta Kayitesi (left) with Pastor Gacura and his spouse and other officials

Listening to this determination, RGB CEO Kayitesi thanked Pastor Gacura for his resilience, managing to raise the facility and stated that this should be the beginning of doing other greater things for the Rwandan community- which exemplifies the path of action and vision that the country has chosen in the last 30 years.

“This is visionary and as a country has chosen to look beyond today. This is a moment of happiness and most importantly testimony of the church leaders which is no different from what the country went through- we see this as a church at 30,” Kayitesi said.

Gacura’s Plans Ahead:

Currently, the Nyabugingo worship centre has four churches in the country (Kicukiro, Bugesera and Musanze districts) and Gacura said that they plan to expand throughout the country and support disabled persons.

“We have big projects of which we plan to build schools, an Orthopedic hospital in Bugesera, support disabled persons with life skills training and establish income generating projects to avoid begging on streets, but also establish a religious leadership training centre for youths,” Gacura said.

In other plans, Gacura said the church will support communities with health insurance, and distribute over 100 wheelchairs, among others.

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