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Kagame Promises Peaceful Repatriation of All Rwandans In DRC And Beyond

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
3:38 pm

RPF flagbearer Paul Kagame in Karongi

Paul Kagame, the presidential candidate representing the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) Inkotanyi has reminded the population of Karongi which borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) the story  of successful mass repatriation of Rwandans who had crossed to the neighboring country in the aftermath of the Genocide against Tutsi.

An estimate 3 million Rwandans fled the country towards and in the second half of the 1994, a difficult year when a genocidal government massacred over 1 million Tutsi.

The incumbent Kagame held the campaign at Mbonwa Stadium where he also met the same citizens nearly thirty years ago.

“You remember when I first visited you in 1996, one part of Rwandans was here, while another was at the opposite shores in DRC. I told you that we wanted those Rwandans to repatriate, and peacefully,” Kagame recalled.

“Indeed, we repatriated them. Many repatriated and a few who wanted to cause problems remained and are still there but some may have gone to other places.”

Kagame further said:” All those that are remaining will also come back, and peacefully. We shall reintegrate them in the community and train them to do the work of their choice.”

When Kagame visited Karongi for the first time, development of the district was wanting, but the citizen who welcomed him today, said they have many reasons to choose him for the presidency come July 15.

Doctor Sabin Nsanzimana, the Minister of Health who hails from the district recalled the citizens, that in those years, not everyone could afford shoes.

He said the country at large was struggling in matters of health, but “Kagame introduced a beautiful card without ethnic belonging, but a card with a mention: do not fall critically sick, the health insurance card.”

He also introduced the system of community health workers, the health volunteers in the community who give basic health services to their neighbors.

The candidate encouraged supporters to sustain development activities, and among others, promised to have the road Muhanga Karongi rehabilitated to allow business flow while also facilitating tourism to the magnificent Lake Kivu.

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