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Kagame Redesigned The Map of Rwanda To Add Nyamasheke – RPF Supporters From Western Province

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
3:14 pm

Nyamasheke supporters-presidential campaign rally June 29

The flagbearer of Rwanda Patriotic Front(RPF) Inkotanyi in the July 15 Presidential election today continued his campaign in Nyamasheke district which borders with Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).

Nyamasheke, in the former Cyangugu prefecture was discriminated and considered a land of foreigners. History has it that the former President Juvenal Habyarimana used to start his speech while addressing his own citizens as: Rwandans daughters and sons and Cyangugu residents.

Testimonies of Nyamasheke citizens today reminded Kagame, that he was the only leader who changed the narrative since his accession to power two decades ago.

“Your excellency the chairman, in the past, the leaders of this country discriminated us and took us for foreigners. You redesigned Rwanda to include Nyamasheke district,” said Telesphore Ndabamenye, a successful civil servant born from Nyamasheke.

Ndabamenye is the director General of Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resource Development Board(RAB). He told the RPF candidate that every Nyamasheke resident can tell the difference between the past discriminatory regimes, and his ruling which unified the whole country.

He reminded the location of Nyamasheke, on the shores of Lake Kivu where armed groups used to infiltrate from DRC to sabotage security, but Kagame ended their threats and ensured security.

“You are a strong leader who can bring both security and hospitality to leave together. There is here in Nyamasheke a five star hotel, a unique one which is called One and Only Nyungwe House. It is one of the kind in the world,” Ndabamenye said.

He was referring to a luxurious five star hotel along Nyungwe National park which is built in Nyamasheke.

To this, he said, Kagame has added other development activities like roads, including Kivi belt which meanders in the hills of the Western province, where tourists appreciate tea plantation scenery.

A testimony of two young Rwandans from Nyamasheke also went in this line of appreciating the contribution of Paul Kagame in developing Rwanda.

Senga Sandrine and Christian Ndayambaje, respectively 24 and 27 year old also went in this line.

Senga, a young entrepreneur invested in agribusiness with tomato farming and in the last three years, he improved the harvest from 50 kilograms a season to 4 tons.

“Dear chairman, I am now supplying the Western Province and the neighboring cities of DRC. Of recent, I also got a client from Congo Brazzaville whom I supplied via Rwandair. Who would have thought that a young lady like me can earn her country some foreign currencies,” Senga said proudly.

Her colleague Ndayambaje invested in sweet potato value chain, now making biscuits. On a monthly basis, he used 2 tons of flour to make delicious food for children, adult people alike.

Both Ndayambaje and Senga are building factories to do production on high scale.

The message of President Kagame and the RPF candidate mostly called Nyamasheke residents to safeguard peace and told them to be still, because none can sabotage Rwanda’s security.

The youth, he said, should lead this battle to safeguard peace and security which is central for country development.

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