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Let’s Hope To See You All or Most of You Here After Elections – Kagame To Parliamentarians

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:14 pm

President Paul Kagame has dissolved the chamber of deputies of Rwanda parliament to pave away for parliamentary elections that were combined with presidential elections due on July 14-15.

“Dissolving the parliament does not mean that we do not appreciate your work, rather, we are doing this to pave away for the new good things ahead,” said President Paul Kagame upon dissolution of the parliament today.

“Let us hope that most, if not all of you will return here after elections.”

In her speech, the outgoing speaker of parliament Donatille Mukabarisa who served two terms in this capacity thanked the president for guidance and vital advice to the lawmakers through the last five years.

This enabled the lawmakers to achieve big with 392 laws that were voted. The parliament also achieved 32 appearances of government officials to explain pertinent issues.

“The laws that were voted show a great speed of country development in several components, including diplomacy, social affairs among others,” Mukabarisa said.

She thanked the Rwandan community for having entrusted them with important duties.

“I hope we achieved to your expectations,” she said.

Dissolution of the chamber of deputies is provided in article 133 of Rwanda constitution, according to which the President of the Republic, after consultation with the Prime Minister, the President and Speaker of the two Chambers of Parliament and the President of the Supreme Court, may dissolve the Chamber of Deputies.

Elections of Deputies shall take place within ninety days after the dissolution.

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