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Rwanda Triumphs Over Lesotho, Tops Group C in World Cup Qualifiers 2026

by Annet Mugabo
9:34 pm

In an electrifying match held on Tuesday, Rwanda’s national football team secured a decisive victory over Lesotho, propelling them to the top of Group C in the World Cup Qualifiers 2026.

The win marks a significant milestone for Rwanda as they aim to make history by qualifying for their first-ever World Cup.

 Thanks to Jojea Kwizera, who scored the brace that secured Rwanda three points against Lesotho tonight in Lesotho.

Rwanda has been showing an impressive performance since the beginning of this campaign, with victories against South Africa and Lesotho, a draw against Nigeria, and a defeat by Benin.

The match, which took place in Lesotho, saw Rwanda dominate from the outset. With a combination of tactical brilliance and individual flair, the Rwandan team controlled possession and created numerous scoring opportunities.

The breakthrough came from Jojea Kwizera, who scored the brace that would ultimately secure Rwanda’s victory.

Lesotho fought back valiantly, but Rwanda’s defense remained resolute. Despite Lesotho’s attempts to mount a comeback, Rwanda’s disciplined defense and goalkeeper’s heroics ensured that the match ended with a clean sheet.

The final whistle was met with jubilation from the fans, who celebrated Rwanda’s ascent to the top of Group C.

Rwanda’s head coach, Torsten Spittler, praised his team’s performance and highlighted their determination and hard work. “This victory is a testament to the dedication and resilience of our players. We have a clear goal in mind, and we are taking it one match at a time,” Spittler said in a post-match interview.

The win against Lesotho puts Rwanda in a strong position as they continue their campaign for the World Cup Qualifiers 2026.

With eight matches remaining in the group stage, Rwanda leads Group C with 7 points, while South Africa and Benin also have 7 points.

Fans and analysts alike are optimistic about Rwanda’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup. The team’s recent performances have showcased their growing prowess on the international stage, and the support from the Rwandan community has been unwavering.

As Rwanda prepares for their next qualifier, the nation remains united in their dream of seeing their team compete on football’s biggest stage.

The road to the World Cup is still long, but Rwanda’s triumph over Lesotho has undoubtedly brought them one step closer to achieving that dream.

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