Anxiety As Rwanda Parliament Tables Constitution Amendment Bill

Anxiety As Rwanda Parliament Tables Constitution Amendment Bill
Rwandans expressing their desire to have constitution amended especially the article 101 that provides for presidential term limits.

Thousands of Rwandans are anxiously waiting for the outcome from a parliamentary public review examining the relevance of the draft bill to emend the constitution.

The plenary sitting, set at 3pm, will review whether a referendum should be conducted, following over 4 million petitions from Rwandans asking parliament to change the constitution to scrap off presidential term limits.

President Paul Kagame’s constitutional two terms in office expire in 2017. If the bill is passed, Kagame might re-run.

Members of the public have been invited at the parliament in Rwanda’s capital Kigali to take part in the review.

“I am excited to be part of the session. “It’s a great day since we started petitions. This marks a step in regard to our petition,” Elia Murekezi, an ordinary Rwandan told KT Press from parliament.

In August 10, parliament released its findings from a two-week consultation exercise on constitution amendment, express satisfaction with millions of Rwandans who petition for amendment of the constitution.

Results were obtained from the country’s 406 sectors in 30 districts. Last month, Rwanda senate confirmed a seven-member team made of experienced lawyers and government officials, with a task to offer technical assistance to legislators scheduled to begin amendment of the constitution.

Anxiety As Rwanda Parliament Tables Constitution Amendment Bill
About 4 million Rwandans signed petitions to have presidential term limits removed to give chance to their desired candidate President Paul Kagame extend his rule.

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