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Bank Clients Mistrusting ATM Machines

by Denyse Tuyishime
5:17 pm
Clients queue outside a bank waiting to be served despite surge of ATMs

Clients queue outside a bank waiting to be served despite surge of ATMs

Many banks still have long queues of clients waiting to be served-an indication that there is little progress among Rwandans to adapting to a cashless economy.

In Rwanda, there are several technological innovations one would use to deposit and withdraw money from their bank accounts or even send and receive money on their mobile phones.

KT Press conducted a quick survey in Remera-a suburb within Kigali and found dozens of clients at bank branches were waiting to be served by only few tellers at counters. Other counters are left empty.

“I have just come from another branch where i found very many people. I can’t use my ATM card to make deposits because I don’t trust that machine. One week ago, I was trying to deposit some money and accidently it got some how stuck. I couldn’t find any one to ask, it was late. It required me to go to see the Bank manager the next day to get back my money. Since then, I can’t risk using ATM again,” Said Rugirangoga Innocent, a BK customer.

However, Gentil Ntambara, the Remera Branch Manager insists that ignorance is the biggest challenge behind the low use of ATM machines.

“I think people still need to learn more about the operation of these machines because they cannot trust them if they are ignorant about the way they work”

“Another thing is, these machines are made in a way that not more than Rwf200 000 can be withdrawn in a day. This makes people from big companies to sit and wait for cashiers,” He said.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) have been operational in Rwanda since 2004 with target to reduce the big number in banks waiting to be served.

According to 2014 National Bank records, the estimated number of ATM’s was 345, among which 65% are in Kigali City.

Today, almost all Banks are equipped with ATM machines, but those with double exploit (deposit and withdrawal) are countable.