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Rwandans Celebrate Idd Adhuha

by KT Press Staff Writer
11:34 am
For Idd Adhuha, slaughtering of the animals continues for three days

For Idd Adhuha, slaughtering of the animals continues for three days

As the sun rose over the usually busy Nyagatare town in Eastern Province, residents queued at the only abattoir to buy meat. It’s Idd Adhuha-a day when Muslims slaughter animals.

However, Muslims in Nyagatare town have avoided congestion at the abattoir and walked 2km away with two mid-sized bulls to have them slaughtered at a mosque in Gihorobwa village, Rutaraka sector.

According to Ssebasaza Gasana Emmanuel a Kigali Today Journalist in Nyagatare, the Muslim butcher men at the mosque first prayed before slitting throats of the two bulls.

Everyone at the mosque was given at least a kilogram of meat to take home. Slaughtering of the animals will end on Wednesday before sunset.

Sheikh Mbabajende Jumapiri the district Imam told KT Press that more than a hundred Muslims arrived at the mosque and lay prayer mats outside in the dusty compound and prayed facing east.

Leading the massive prayer, Sheikh Mbabajende says Muslims worldwide today are commemorating their belief in Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to fulfill his pledge that if God gave him a child he would sacrifice him.

Muslims in Nyagatare gather at Gihorobwa mosque to get meat

Muslims in Nyagatare gathered at Gihorobwa mosque to get meat

Mass prayer conducted outside the mosque/All photos by Ssebasaza .G. Emmanuel