RDF Doctor Pleads not Guilty in Student Murder Case

Nsanzimfura Mamelito (l) and co accused Maj .Dr. Aimable Rugomwa (r)

The Rwanda Defence Forces soldier suspected of beating and killing a student has pleaded not guilty before the military court in Nyamirambo.

During the night of September 4th, Maj .Dr. Aimable Rugomwa who has been working as a physician at Kanombe military hospital connived with his civilian brother Nsanzimfura Mamelito and beat-up Mbarushimana Theogene.

Maj .Dr. Rugomwa told court that on September 3rd, buglers had jumped over the fence and tried to steal from the car parked in the compound but escaped. However, the following day the maid noticed the buglers had returned and informed Maj .Dr. Rugomwa’s wife.

At about 9-10PM on the fateful day, Maj .Dr. Rugomwa walked out of the house and two buglers immediately escaped by climbing over the wall fence.

While in the compound, Maj .Dr. Rugomwa noticed someone opening the main gate and saw Mbarushimana that was holding a big stone which he placed under the car as an improvised jerk.

“I caught that thief and punched him and we fought. He also beat me up and hurt me. I also got a stick and hit him on his back. I don’t agree killing him because I called the local leader and other people. They didn’t know him,” Maj .Dr. Rugomwa said adding that he later learnt that Mbarushimana had died.

Prosecution however, said a neighbour had seen Maj .Dr. Rugomwa taking Mbarushimana to his house where he beat him and later carried his lifeless body and dumped it outside the fence and called the area leader saying he had killed a thief that had broken into his home.

The prosecutor said, “the person you call a thief is actually a son to your neighbour and was living with his uncle Gahutu Jean Pierre. This is why you should be remanded to allow more investigations.”

However, Nsanzimfura told court he did not participate in the beating incidence because he is sick and has been taking medication while resting at his young brothers place.

Court will announce verdict on Wednesday.

Nsanzimfura Mamelito(l) and his brother Maj .Dr. Aimable Rugomwa co-accused in a murder case
Nsanzimfura Mamelito(l) and his brother Maj .Dr. Aimable Rugomwa co-accused in a murder case

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