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Rwanda Advocates Push For Detailed Inquiry into Death of Colleague

by Dan Ngabonziza
11:56 pm


Me Toy Ntabwoba Nzamwita died moments after refusing to stop at a Police checkpoint

Rwanda advocates are not satisfied with Police’s explanation about the death of their colleague – Me Toy Ntabwoba Nzamwita shot early Friday after he forcefully violated traffic rules.

Police on Friday released a statement saying Nzamwita, while driving a Toyota Land Cruiser car, refused to stop at a traffic checkpoint at KBC junction in the capital Kigali. The police officer at the checkpoint shot at this vehicle attempting to stop it but the driver sped off and was shot in the scuffle.

During an extraordinary meeting held Saturday by members of the Rwanda Bar Association, they said the Police statement lacked vital details in relation to the death of their colleague.

“Police should conduct a detailed and quick investigation into the death of our colleague so that those responsible can be brought to justice,” the advocates said in a statement released Saturday evening signed by Me Amida Fraha their representative .

The advocates expressed deep concern about the manner by which their colleague lost his life saying, “even though he violated traffic rules, the way he lost his life shouldn’t have been used.”

Police however said it regretted the incidence.

The victim, Toy Ntabwoba Nzamwita (L) was seen earlier with Koffi Olomide – a Congolese artist who is performing tomorrow at Radisson Blu and Convention Center