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Unknown Gunmen Attack and Kill 2 in Rusizi District

3:22 pm

Rusizi District Mayor Harelimana Frederic speaks to residents after the attack. He urged them to remain vigilant and strengthen night patrols within their communities

Unknown gunmen have attacked and killed two people leaving one with fatal injuries.

Lt Col René Ngendahimana the Defence and Military Spokesperson said in a communiqué that the incidence occurred this morning at about 1:00AM in Kabuga village, Ryankana cell, Bugarama Sector in Rusizi district.

According to a communiqué seen by KT Press, ” One of the killed persons and the wounded were guarding at a Health Post, while the second victim is a boy aged 12 years.”

The deceased have been identified as Manirafasha Benjamin 31 and Ntabanganyimana Jerome 12. Meanwhile the injured has been identified as Ndikuryayo Said 27.

Lt Col Ngendahimana said that the gunmen withdrew to Burundi as the incident took place near the border with Burundi.

Speaking to KT Press, residents said that when the attackers arrived last night, the guards at Irondo post asked them to identify themselves and immediately the attackers shot at them.

One of the guards at the post was immediately killed by gunshots while his colleague escaped with severe injuries.

“Investigations into the incident have started to establish the identity of the attackers,”  Lt Col Ngendahimana said in a communiqué.

According to residents, the attackers also left behind papers bearing inscriptions of FDD – a n abbreviation for Forces for the Defense of Democracy which is part of the ruling party coalition party The National Council for the Defense of Democracy–Forces for the Defense of Democracy mostly known as CNDD-FDD.

This morning, Harelimana Frederic Rusizi district mayor urged residents to remain vigilant and strengthen nigh patrols within their communities.

Last year, in many incidences, gunmen crossed from Burundi and attacked Rwanda communities living close to the boarder. The attackers looted livestock, food and in some incidences left Rwandan residents wounded.

In August last year, two armed thugs crossed from Burundi and shot Jean Kwizera 20, a Rwandan who was protecting his cassava harvest in Buhanga village, Bugarama sector of Rusizi district.

Again on November 21 last year, twelve cows from Burundi grazed into Rwanda territory prompting angry residents of Biharangu village, Kamabuye in Bugesera district to confiscate the cows as a way of compensating themselves. However, Rwandans voluntarily returned the cows to their owners across the border in Burundi.

Attackers dug a hole in the compound – a deadly explosive weapon could be burred there

Attackers also laid a trap using petrol in a bottle and a Tyre which would also explode and Burn the house

Additional reporting by : Ephreim Musabwa