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Electoral Body Cautions Observers Against Interference

by Kalinda Brenda
8:26 pm

A large number of Rwandans have volunteered to take up observer roles in the August 4th Presidential elections.

Few foreign observers have expressed interest.

The National electoral commission (NEC) has registered 1334 domestic and international elections observers.

Of these observers, 920 are Rwandans from religious leaders, civil society platform, and the consultative forum of political parties among others.

The other 414 observers are representatives of regional and continental organizations including; East African Community, African Union, Kenya and Uganda High Commissions, to mention but a few.

While addressing the observers on Thursday, the NEC chairman Prof. Kalisa Mbanda asked them to adhere to rules and regulations.

“It is prohibited for observers to interfere in electoral activities and obstructing election process,” Mbanda said.

“You are not allowed to enter the polling booth during voting hours or to give instructions on the conduct of elections.”

National electoral commission chairman Prof. Kalisa Mbanda (c) briefing elections observers

Elections observers are prohibited from  announcing election results before their official publication by the competent organ – National Electoral Commission.

Usta Kayitesi, the deputy chief executive officer of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and head of the observers from this institution said that for them, the task is easy.

“It is common sense; when you are accredited to observe elections, you are not meant to give directives. For us, we have been doing this exercise and we shall be as professional as possible,” she said.

A team of elections observers scheduled to monitor the August 4th Presidential elections in Rwanda have been cautioned against interfering with the election process

NEC has registered 6,897,076 voters and the Eastern Province stands has the biggest number with 1,660,690 voters.

Presidential campaigns are undergoing and will close on August 2nd for the diaspora and August 3rd in Rwanda.

Mbanda told observers, “All necessities have reached our embassies for the good conduct of elections.”

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