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ICT Entrepreneurs Offer Free Training for Apps Development

by Denyse Tuyishime
5:39 pm

Three young ICT entrepreneurs have started a project that seeks to make development of Apps a common practice.

Ildephonse Mungwarakarama, Theogene Niyonsenga and Jerome Habimana under their company ‘House of Technology’ have developed ‘Code for Good’ a program that will provide skills in developing Apps.

The program is meant to help students, fresh graduates and the general public to develop useful Apps that will help improve community wellbeing.

“It is time to provide our society with helpful content rather than just using technology for fun,” said Mungwarakarama.

By logging in to www.code.rw/codeforgood, one can register to be part of the program either by seeking trainings, helping House of Technology to provide training, or providing advice on future projects. Trainings are free.

The home page of Code.rw

So far 25 people have registered in the three categories which was launched today – July 27.

Training venues will be arranged in accordance to the location of applicants, reason why House of Technology encourages universities and other people in the same working environment to apply.

“We wish all schools and universities to be part of this program to facilitate the trainings,” said Mungwarakarama.

Mungwarakarama also said the society will benefit from this program.

“Technology based companies will no longer need to hire foreign developers; students will get useful internships.”

Participants will be awarded with certificates that will enable them to be trusted by local and international companies,” Mungwarakarama said.

Meanwhile, Code for Good developers have already started a project ‘Online Children’s Creative Writing and Reading Portal’ which intends to motivate children in reading and writing stories in Kinyarwanda.

‘Online Children’s Creative Writing and Reading Portal is being realized under the partnership with Kigali Public library and Save the Children, a non-government organization operating in area of child protection.

House of technology is a technology company based in Rwanda with focus of improving academic outcomes. It was founded in 2014.

“Rwanda have been using foreign products like ‘Word press’ for free, we also want to show we are able to do that,” Mungwarakarama told KT Press.

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