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Heavy Rain Destroys GS Nyarusange School

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
7:08 pm

GS Nyarusange School in Rwamagana district

Students of GS Nyarusange School in Rwamagana district will have to wait longer to resume studies after a heavy down pour razed classrooms.

On Wednesday, students had reported to school as usual and at the end of the day a stormy heavy rain wreaked havoc on the school blowing off rooftops of 9 classrooms.

Only 4 classrooms remained intact and students piled in these surviving rooms for two hours before the rain stopped.

“For the whole night, heavy wind terrified us. Some of us thought that it was the end of the world,” said an eye witness.

The rainy season which starts in September through December is leaving some families worried.

The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs, registered 1,463 houses destroyed by heavy winds and floods and 838 hectares that were affected between September 1- 27.

On top of this, 39 people were injured and 95 livestock died.

Students have taken a short leave as school renovations begin

While visiting victims of the disasters in Huye district where wind blew off rooftops of 23 houses, Midimar Minister Jeanne d’Arc de Bonheur said her ministry is working on a holistic plan to respond to rain related disasters.

“We have trained technicians that will teach Rwandans on proper roofing,” De Bonheur said.

“It has become clear to us that in many instances, roofs on our houses are vulnerable.”

The Ministry earlier said that it has budgeted for a project that intends to build disaster evacuation centres.