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Two Sector Executive Secretaries Resign as New Eastern Province Governor Takes Office

7:43 pm

Eastern Province Governor Fred Mufulukye hodling discussions with residents in Nyagatare District

James Gakuru and Didace Dusabemungu, Executive secretaries of Katabagemu and Mimuli sectors in Nyagatare district have resigned, KT Press has learnt.

The duo submitted their resignation letters today September 13, 2017 to the Mayor- citing personal reasons.

However, sources from Nyagatare district indicate the local leaders had earlier on been put on the spotlight for negligence of duty and especially not being able to solve resident’s issues.

The resignation comes a day after a community meeting with the new Governor of Eastern Province Fred Mufulukye. During this meeting one resident accused Katabagemu sector leaders for not clearing payment of salaries of four workers who constructed Katabagemu School classrooms in 2013.

But the accused, Gakuru defended himself saying that the complainants had deliberately refused to receive their payments and instead asked for more than what was indicated on the payroll.

In the meantime, the Mimuli sector leader is accused of repossessing government land designated for a community graveyard in the sector.

Governor Mufulukye told KTPress that he was aware that the two Executive Secretaries resigned from their positions.

“It’s unfortunate, they were accused by citizens of bad governance practices including inattention to their citizens’ complaints and corruption. All these cases will be thoroughly investigated by competent authorities and whoever is implicated will be held accountable whether he or she resigns or not.”

The cases of the two local leaders will be followed up by respective administrative organs, which may see some of the leaders prosecuted for lack of accountability even after their resignation.

A wave of local leaders resigning from their duties or being forced to resign hit the rest of the country at the beginning of this year, after the ministry of local government realised that many leaders had been neglecting their duties, requiring the president to handle most of the issues during the citizen’s outreach program.

In a maiden meeting with the new Governor, Residents accused Executive Secretaries of Katabagemu and Mimuli sectors of corruption and negligence of duty

Previously the Ministry of Local Government ‘laid off’ at least over 561 leaders in all provinces and Kigali city resigned or were advised to step down.

Last year a total of 541 provincial local leaders resigned including; Cell and Sector heads, cooperative officers, agronomists, social affairs and civic registrars – some are asked to resign while others resign on their own.

The ministry said that this year, evaluation of leaders’ performances will largely focus on implementation of citizen centered programs.

“This is a bridge year for the country to meet its EDPRS2 targets. If leaders cannot deliver to their expectations, expect more resignations,” Ladislas Ngendahimana the MINALOC spokesperson said earlier.

During his citizen outreach tour in February, President Paul Kagame told residents in Nyagatare district to hold leaders accountable as part of community responsibility and exercising of their rights.

With such vigilance by community members, Kagame said that leaders will not have a chance to embezzle public funds.

“Citizens have a right and responsibility to know what leaders have not delivered as promised or supposed to. Do this and if you fail, find a way of forwarding these issues to top government officials so that it never happens again,” Kagame said then.