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Rusumo Power Plant Progress at 20%

by Dan Ngabonziza
5:31 pm

Rusumo falls will be given more capacity to generate about 80MW to serve Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania

Construction works at the $360 million Rusumo hydroelectric power plant indicate that the project will be completed on time – site engineers have told KT Press.

During a guided tour at the construction site, KTPress found excavators busy channeling water along Rusumo falls – towards the power house in Kirehe district, Eastern Province.

“The progress is impressive so far and we are sure the project will be completed on time,” Peter Jewith, the project manager told KT Press.

According to site engineers, progress of construction works is at the level of 20%.

In February this year, a groundbreaking exercise was launched for the construction of the 80MW Power Plant with duration of years (2020).

The Chinese Construction Company – CGCOC Group Ltd – Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction is handling the Civil Works plus supply and installation of Hydro-Mechanical Equipment.

However, the Consortium Rusumo Falls Andritz Hydro GmbH from Germany and Andritz Hydro PVT Ltd (India) will supply and install Electro-Mechanical Equipment for power plant.

Rusumo falls Power Plant project is implemented by the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program Coordination Unit (NELSAP-CU) mandated by the three countries through the Special Purpose Vehicle, the Rusumo Power Company Ltd (RPCL).

Once completed, the power plant, located on the Kagera River on the border between Rwanda and Tanzania, will also serve the two countries and Burundi.

Meanwhile, Rusumo power project has seen 90 households expropriated on the Rwandan side and 60 on the Tanzanian side, according to Louise Ndayizeye – project communication officer.

About $760,000 has been allocated to different development projects to boost beneficiaries of the expropriation exercise.

Janinah Mbabazi – the head of social and resettlement department at the project told KT Press that several projects such as piggery, Poultry farming, hospitality and tailoring have been funded.

“We have several projects that benefit those who were expropriated during the start of the project. The results are paying off,” she said.

Madina Karere and Kazayirwa Sifa are members of the ‘SPAP Aborozi b’inkoko’ – a poultry farming group funded by the project.

Speaking to KT Press, they said the project has helped them buy 1040 chicks and will soon start reaping from the projects.

“We currently have 1040 chicks that are one month old. We expect to start selling eggs and other chicken soon,” she said.