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Rwanda Takes Lead in Mobilizing For African Liberation

by Oswald Niyonzima
8:29 pm

Protais Musoni, the leader of Panafrican Movement-Rwanda Chapter

Rwanda has organized a weeklong celebration of good governance in Africa which will culminate into the African Liberation Day on May 25.

Also known as Pan African Week May 21 to May 26, it was organized by Pan African Movement (PAM), Rwanda chapter.

PAM Rwanda and partners – Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and the East African Community, Ministry of Sports and Culture and Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) are doing transformative activities and talks leading to the process of the continent total liberation.

“African Liberation Day is a world event, we are in particular doing it together with all African embassies in Rwanda headquartered in Kigali and we will be sharing best practices that could lead to Africa’s liberation,” Ladislas Ngendahima, Executive Secretary of Rwanda Association of Local Authorities (RALGA) and Head of Mobilization Commission at PAM-Rwanda, told KT Press.

“Two weeks ago, I witnessed all African embassies in China gathered to organize this very important event in the continent’s history,” he said adding that this diplomatic corps was coordinated by Rwanda.

Ngendahimana says that all over the world African countries embassies are organizing and raising fund to celebrate the African Liberation Day and since Rwanda President Paul Kagame is the Chairperson of African Union, all activities are coordinated by Rwanda Diplomatic corps.

“This is a vitally important step for African Liberation since the event brings all African countries together to discuss the unity of Africans and how Africa can have one voice on an international arena,” Ngendahimana said.

PAM leadership training in Huye district last year

While May 22-23 are dedicated to public talks tackling the challenges facing the African continent through a Pan Africanism spirit, there will be youth celebrations that will gather in Kigali at  Kigali indoor stadium.

PAM Rwanda expects 4,000 youth from across Africa.

“We strongly believe that the active engagement of the youth as future generations to embrace the Pan African spirit is paramount to turn the dream for Africa renaissance into a reality,” Protails Musoni, the chairperson of PAM-Rwanda, said ahead of the African Liberation Day.

On May 25, experts and politicians will gather at Kigali Serena Hotel for an International Conference on African Liberation and, during an African Gala Night, they will share African dishes and African traditional dances.

Meanwhile, an ongoing exhibition of products “Made in Africa” at Camp Kigali aims at calling Africans for loving the local products and promoting inter African countries trade.

On May 26th, all participants will conduct the monthly community work “Umuganda” that will focus on transformational activities about the consequences of disasters that were caused by climate change.