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Pascal Technology Testing Motor – Taxi Hailing Service in Rwanda

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:24 pm

Pascal Moto comes to improve mobility

Pascal Technology, an international Information Technology Company that specialises in Gas Stations Automation and Point of Sale Systems, is testing new service for motorbike hailing in Kigali and two secondary cities to ease mobility.

The company is testing ‘Pascal Moto’ a technology of car hailing including a device that will be used in motorbike hailing.

The testing is being conducted on 150 motorbikes from Rubavu, Musanze and Kigali.

The system will allow a commuter to order a moto from home without having to walk to the main road or to wait for minutes to find the next rider.

Over the week-end, Jonah Rugamba, the company’s Marketing Director told KT Press: “We are testing the device that will be in use to see how commuters respond to it.”

He further said: “The device will have an App downloadable on google play, which will enable interaction between the motorcycle rider and a client with a possibility to pay beforehand using mobile money, Visa Card or any other cashless method. Obviously, the traditional way of paying cash will also apply.”

With this technology, a client will pay Rwf300 for the first two kilometres, and Rwf150 for any additional kilometre that will be indicated by the meter.

However, Rugamba says prices may change after presenting the project to Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA).

“It is useful for passengers who do not want to bargain. In some instances, when you are brought to bargaining, you may pay a lot compared to the service,” Rugamba said.

“Our cities are becoming international which calls for need to harmonize so that everyone gets value for their money.”

Rugamba believes that Pascal Moto “is also important to moto riders because it is adding value to their service.”

Currently, another service, Yego Moto also helps commuters to order for a moto, but a number of motorcyclists have turned off the device. They say Rwandans are used to bargaining.

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