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Women Parliamentarians Forum Elect New Committee

by Daniel Sabiiti
2:08 pm

FRRP members

MP Beline Uwineza has been unanimously elected chairperson of the Rwandese Women Parliamentarians  Forum (FRRP) during the first extra ordinary meeting since the formation of the fourth parliament this September.

In the elections that were held on Wednesday, November 14, Uwineza was elected by the 42 members that were present. The forum is made of 59 members.

Senator Jeanne d’Arc Mukakalisa was elected vice president.

On the post of  Secretary General, members elected Justine Mukobwa while MP Elizabeth Mukamana was elected head of administration.

Athanasie Nyiragwaneza was elected as head of advocacy commission while MP Angelique Nyirabazayire, was elected commissioner in charge of gender equity in the national budget.

Senator Consolée Uwimana was elected Capacity building commissioner.

The FRRP auditors committee is comprised of three members elected among top contestants; MPs Veneranda Uwamariya, Senator Gertrude Mukazarwa and Clarisse Imaniriho.

The speaker of Parliament Donatile Mukabalisa emphasized achievements and goals of the organization since it was established in 1996, especially in empowering women and promoting economic development.

“The organization was formed at the hardest times and by few women MPs who were brave and shared vision of which they never gave up to till we took up their responsibility. We see it grow in numbers and more partners in 22 years,” Mukabarisa said.

Each of the posts has a term of two and half years renewable.