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For Now I Don’t Need A Manager-Social Mula

by Andrew Shyaka
12:52 pm

Social Mula(Left) in the studios of KT Radio

Celebrated music star Lambert Mugwaneza alias Social Mula came clean on the issue of having a manager and confessed that, he doesn’t need someone to manage his talent as of now.

The singer has been making headlines after confessing working solo without a manager for years, although people thought he was under deejay Theo.

Speaking to KT Press, Social Mula cleared the air by denying any conflict with former ally Theo and admitting having no manager.

“I don’t need a manager now although it’s hectic working without a management team but in future I will hire one and Theo has never been my manager,” says Social Mula.

He added, Theo is my friend that’s why people keep on calling him my manager but ever since I parted ways with Muyoboke, I have been managing myself and there’s no bad blood.

However, Social Mula believes there’s still hopes of working again with music manager Alex Muyoboke in future.

“Muyoboke believed in my talent before anyone not even myself because I wasn’t sure of what I was doing when I entered the industry,” Social Mula said.

The Ma Vie hit maker is one of the few solo artists without a management team that releases hit after hit together with videos to keep music fans hooked in a close period of time.

Currently he has two new songs Ndiho and Warakoze enjoying massive airplay on local airwaves across the country.

Six years back, Social Mula was in high school and did not even think of becoming an artist but things changed after completing secondary in 2012.

In 2013 Social Mula moved from his home town of Rwesero and was ushered into the city by manager Alex Muyoboke, who went on to mold him musically.

The same year, he published his first hit song Abanyakigali which was well received by music consumers hence becoming a star overnight and since then, he hasn’t ceased to release hits.