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Do What is Right- Kagame Tells Rwandans in New Year Message

by Daniel Sabiiti
1:43 am

Despite natural disasters that killed some citizens, President Paul Kagame has affirmed once again that the year 2019 was a prosperous year and if Rwandans continue doing the right thing, the country will have a better 2020.

“If we do the right thing as everyone did in the year we are ending, 2020 will be even better than 2019,” Kagame said in his end of year remarks.

The President made the remarks during the 2019 end of year message which was broadcasted live on the national broadcaster, this Wednesday December 31, 2019.

Though the month of December was not a good one for Rwandans, as a result of floods and heavy rains, Kagame noted that the positive approach towards issues like disasters, didn’t deter the country from having a prosperous year marked by safety and continued economic growth.

In regard to natural disasters, Kagame promised that citizens living in high risk areas will continue to be assisted to move to better settlements.

On the economy, Kagame believes in his predictions this December, that Rwanda’s economy will be 8.4% average growth- the biggest compared to the current performance of other economies.

Before the New Year’s message, the president had earlier on in the day appeared on national TV where he was interviewed in various national issues including, security, regional relations, social and economic achievements and plans to make lives of Rwandans better.

Kagame said that he and his family and all Rwandans had a prosperous year and more is expected in 2020.

To affirm this, Kagame said that in the coming year (this year 2020), more work will be done building on what was achieved in 2019.

“This requires us to continue working together, doing things right, correcting our mistakes but the most important thing is that our country continues to develop,” he said.

Kagame added that what he wishes for Rwandans in the New Year 2020 is “to continue to achieve the goals that we have set for themselves- in agriculture, education, trade and cooperation with neighboring countries and across the globe.”

The president also noted, with no doubt that every Rwandan is playing their role in ensuring this goals are achieved through collaborative efforts of citizens and institutions, and encouraged each of them to move forward and achieve even more in 2020, in comparison to 2019.

Entering in  2020 marks the end of Rwanda’s vision2020 but Kagame reminded Rwandans that their vision the goes beyond 2020 to 2050, that is 30 more years ahead- which are divided in 15 separate years each and of which have to be utilized to add on what has already been achieved.

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