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Coronavirus:Kagame, First Lady Take a Walk in Neighbourhood as Part of Car Free day

by Editorial
2:50 pm

In an ongoing efforts to fight Coronavirus pandemic which involves postponing of large gatherings including sports venues, President Paul Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame today took a walk in their neighbourhood as part of Car Free Day – a bi-monthly fitness exercise.

Yesterday, Rwandan government announced temporary measures that must be observed for two weeks to avert a possible spread of the New Coronavirus following the registration of a first case in Rwanda.

The Government, through the Ministry of Health said places of worship shall close today, March 15, while students started arriving back home from schools as part of observing the measures.

“Following assessment by the Ministry of Health, the following measures shall be observed for an initial period of two weeks in order to further strengthen the country’s ability to mitigate the risk of COVID19 coronavirus transmission,”

“Places of worship are closed from Sunday 15 March 2020, with prayers to be conducted from home. Schools and higher education institutions (both public and private) shall close on Monday 16. Employees should be permitted to work from home wherever possible, in consultation with their employers,” the statement announcing measures read yesterday.

“Large gatherings such as weddings and sporting events are to be postponed, and the number of people attending burial ceremonies should be minimised. Businesses and restaurants continue to operate, but adequate distance between customers must be maintained, at least 1 meter,” the statement read.

While President Kagame and the First Lady took a walk in the neighbourhood, other Rwandans including the City of Kigali Mayor Pudence Rubingisa were seen observing Car Free Day individually.

“Well done to all participants in Kigali Car Free Day who didn’t give up for individual exercise, one of the prevention measures to #BeatCoronaVirus #preventionisbetterthancure,” City of Kigali tweeted.

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