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Cost of Fuel Falls But Transport Rates Rise

by Williams Buningwire
11:15 pm

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has announced a decrease in fuel prices and an increase in public transport rates as the country relaxes COVID-19 lockdown on Monday May 4, 2020.

According to a communiqué from RURA, effective May 4, a liter of petrol will cost Rwf965, from Rwf1088, a decrease of Rwf123 of the previous price review of March this year. 

A liter of diesel will cost Rwf925,  from Rwf1073, meaning a decrease of Rwf148 from the previous review of March. 

“The drops result from a change in prices for petroleum products on the international market,” The statement from RURA released on Sunday 3, 2020 reads.

In our previous reporting, fuel importers cited cases of lack of storage facilities. Several trucks have spent weeks at Gatsata over failure to offload which causes extra costs on both importers and suppliers. The Ministry of trade promised to find a solution to that problem.

Meanwhile,  public transport tariffs for Kigali and provinces have been revised upwards.

In the City of Kigali, transport rates increased by Rwf22/km to Rwf38.1/km while in provinces, the cost of public transport was increased by Rwf21/km to Rwf 30.8/km. 

The increase in public transport rates, said RURA, was caused by the new measures that intend to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as lockdown relaxation takes effect on Monday, May 4.

Effective May 4, buses will be allowed to operate within their respective provinces/city of Kigali but they will carry half their sitting capacity to respect the social distancing requirement. 

In Kigali for example, the cost of Murindi-Remera-Rwandex-Nyabugogo single trip was reviewed to Rwf750 from Rwf517.

Kanombe-Airport-Remera-Sonotubes-Rwandex –CBD tariffs are at Rwf526 from Rwf363.

Masaka-Masaka hospital-Kabuga transport prices have been increased to Rwf160 from Rwf110.

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