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Public Transport Resumes As Rwanda Reports No COVID-19 Spread Inside the Country

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
9:25 pm

Buses prepare to hit the road on June 1

Public transport operators, moto-taxi riders spent this Sunday preparing for the resumption of countrywide public transport scheduled Monday, June 1, after nearly 3 months halt that intended to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Like several other sectors, public transport was halted and moto-taxi prohibited, except for the transport of goods, which largely affected operators economically.

Bus agencies prepare for the big day, June 1

Preparation started earlier this week with Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authorities(RURA) and partners giving moto operators the meter numbers and all facilities that will allow them to charge clients electronically.

Among requirements for moto commuters, is to carry the hand sanitizers in order to clean both the hands and the helmet prior to boarding.

The marks that will help in social distancing

They also have to wear a piece of clothing inside the helmet while both the passenger and the moto-taxi rider should wear the face mask.

Meter and cashless payments are also mandatory. However, meters are in use only in Kigali and will be rolled out countrywide on a latter date.

The social distancing is also mandatory at the moto parking.

Whenever possible, RURA encourages the public to buy their helmet to be used individually.

For buses which have already been operating within provinces and City of Kigali, wearing properly the face mask, washing hands before getting on and after getting off the bus, maintain a 1 metre distance from others and using cashless payment methods to avoid hand-to-hand money exchange.

Cleaning to prepare the reopening of public transport across the country

As transport resumes countywide, Dr Sabin Nsanzimana, the Director General expressed confidence that the step will not cause a setback in the fight against COVID-19 and spread the Virus countrywide.

Dr. Nsanzimana told the Rwanda TV, that “tests that were conducted indicate that there is no more spread of COVID-19 inside the country.”

At a time Rwanda recorded the first case of COVID-19 on May 30th, the Ministry indicates that cases that are being registered include mainly cross border truck drivers and their assistants.

The first victim was also a truck driver aged 65 who left a neighboring country after he was critically ill.

Testing drivers

Rwanda imposed a 14 day quarantine for any person entering Rwanda, to make sure that no more imported case gets in contact with the community.

Nsanzimana further said, health officials will keep following up all trends, to make sure that there is no problem and to solve it timely, if any.

Dr. Sabin told the general public to mind their behaviors because would there happen any incident, more restrictions would be taken.

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