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Another Difficult Day: 18 New COVID-19 Cases in Rwanda

by Edmund Kagire
10:38 pm

 From the perspective of an observer, there have been eight most difficult days in Rwanda’s fight against COVID-19 since first case was registered on March 14.

The first among these days was March 23 when the country confirmed 17 cases and the second, April 24 which consists of the pick so far, with 22 cases.

Registering 16 and 19 cases respectively, April 27 and 30 were not least either.

On May 30 and June 2, the country lost the only two victims of COVID-19.

Thursday, June 11 will be the 8th day that can be registered among the most difficult ones; with 18 new COVID-19 cases.

Besides the existing challenge of Rusizi where most cases are being traced since the last one week, the repatriating Rwandans have also been tested, and a number of them tested COVID-19 positive.

“New cases are Rusizi cluster & repatriated Rwandans. They have been isolated & contacts traced,” the Ministry of Health update on June 11 reads.

The communique does not specify the origin of the repatriated Rwandans, but two events happened late last month and this week.

On May 29th, 51 Rwandans and 3 foreigners repatriated from United Arab Emirates (UAE)   and today, was their 14th day in quarantine, the required time when the virus can manifest decisive signs.

Moreover, this week, Uganda released 130 Rwandans who were held illegally in most cases. They are also quarantined in accordance with the country guidelines.

The number of COVID-19 cases is surging, with the total confirmed cases increasing to 494 as of Thursday, and active cases, 179. It can’t go without saying that for the country, the treatment cost is becoming heavy.

So far, 313 patients recovered, including  6 on Thursday.

There are now 7,547,680 cases of COVID-19 in the world, and the virus has so far killed 421,701 people.

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