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COVID-19: Traders in Kigali’s Closed Markets Instructed to Stay at Home

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:45 pm

A couple of hours after two big markets were closed in Kigali following big numbers of COVID-19 among the traders, a communiqué has instructed occupants to test for COVID-19 and to stay at home to avoid more spread of the pandemic.

The Nyabugogo market located at a building codenamed as Kwa Mutangana, and Kigali City Market also known as Nyarugenge Market and the businesses in their vicinity were closed for one week, effective August 17 by the city of Kigali.

Nearly 300 new cases that were traced in Kigali in the last three days, were largely traced in the two markets

Nyarugenge district where the two are located, has issued the communique according to which, “all the traders in the two markets and the businesses in their vicinity should stay at home in effort to prevent more spread of COVID-19.”

The casual laborers commonly known as Karani ngvu-the young men who give support service to the clients in these areas are also affected by this decision.

On August 17, the traders with perishable commodities were given 24 hours to carry them in effort to find potential buyers. In our previous story, a reporter of Kigali today –Kinyarwanda website gathered that the traders were obliged to sell perishables at giveaway price.

They were also instructed to do two COVID-19 tests on August 17 and August 23 respectively.

“Anyone who will not comply with this, will not be allowed to use their stand when the markets reopen,” part of the communiqué reads.

Meanwhile, the wholesalers who used to supply the food commodities to the two markets that were closed, were given alternative sites where to sell their commodities from.

Vegetables and fruits suppliers will be meeting their clients at Groupe Scolaire Kanyinya-Nyarugenge district which is located on Shyorongi hill.

Other wholesalers of the same commodities in other areas were given Gitikinyoni market and other parts of the city, while irish potatoes traders will use the Nzove Warehouses in Nyarugenge district.

On Monday, numbers were still high with 87 new COVID-19 cases in Rwanda which took the total confirmed cases to 2540 cases and the active cases to 871.

The recoveries have today increased to 1661 following 13 patients that were discharged.




Photos by Plaisir Muzogeye 

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