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Seka Live Returns In New Style

by Andrew Shyaka
4:49 pm

Arthur Nkusi

Rwandan comedy enthusiasts finally will be getting their therapy of laughter finally after Arthur Nation announced the return of comedy show come August 23rd.

Due to health measures put in place to curb down Covid-19 like social distancing, the show is going to be virtual and it will be aired on Arthur Nation’s official youtube channel.

Arthur Nkusi, the organizer and founder of Arthur Nation will be the first performer on this coming Sunday.

 “We have been cooking something for comedy lovers and it’s time for them to hit subscribe button on Arthur Nation’s youtube channel and enjoy jokes in their comfort zones. We can’t have a face to face show like we used to do due to corona but there’s a virtual way to crack jokes for comedy fans using internet,” says Arthur Nkusi.

The show will be aired every Sunday from 6-6:30PM and one established comedian will be the main performer for 15 minutes accompanied by one rising comedy star.

While speaking to KT Press, Arthur Nkusi said, the platform will help out comedians to showcase their content to the world.

“Comedians have been creating more content lately without a platform to showcase it due to Covid-19 restrictions, but now the platform is available and comedy lovers will be also having a chance to re-watch the show via our youtube channel,”

Several household names on African continent have graced Seka Live stage in Rwanda like Eric Omondi, Alex Mugangi, Chipukeezy and Anne Kasiime, Madingo, Klint, Basket Mouth and many more.

Most of us know that laughter is the best therapy of happiness which inspires hope. For months since the pandemic, comedy fans have been craving for that moment.