COVID-19 Update: Another 41-year Old Kigali Resident Succumbs to Virus

Burial of a COVID-19 victim. File Photo

Another 41-year old man in Kigali has become the latest victim to succumb to the New Coronavirus in Rwanda, taking the number of COVID-19 related deaths to 31.

The new death recorded comes days following another death of a 41-year old woman in Kigali who died on October 9.

The two cases come after Rwanda spent the first week of October without recording any deaths while the number of new infections has been declining, creating a belief that the pandemic could be subsiding across the country.

Rwanda Biomedical Center warned, this week, that despite the declining numbers and some treatment centers closing up, the virus is likely to rebound, thus a need to have citizen vigilance and adherence to government measures against the spread of the New Coronavirus.

Rwanda has been lauded globally for its efforts to contain the virus. The government has been slowly and gradually allowing different sections of the economy to reopen, with some education institutions expected to reopen mid this month.

As of October 11, total cases of COVID-19 infections stood at 4,896; with 1,259 active cases and 3,606 recoveries (74%); and managing to hit over 5,000 tests since March 2020 when the first case was recorded in Rwanda.

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