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Featured: Want to Own a Home? BPR Home Loan Has You Covered

by KT Press Reporter
11:19 pm

It is everyone’s dream to own a house of their own but for many people it becomes difficult to save enough money to buy land and build a dream house, given all the other life expenses.

 However, the dream can become easier to accomplish when you have a bank that understands your needs and is willing to help you achieve that dream.

That is why the BPR Atlas Mara Home Loan facility is what you need to accomplish your goals and own your dream house. The BPR Home Loan is a product brought to you by BPR to finance the construction of a new house or buying an already built house, or otherwise what you would call a mortgage. 

Unlike most banks, the BPR gives its clients up to 25 years to pay back their home loan at affordable interest rates since the bank reduced its base lending rate last year. The bank reduced its base lending rate from 16.5 percent to 14.5 percent in February 2019. 

The BPR Home Loan product is suitable for salaried workers and other income earners who can afford to service it at affordable rates, for a comfortable period of time, which can help you pay for your own house rather than continuing to pay rent. 

With competitive interest rates offered by BPR, it is possible to acquire a housing loan within your means and income and be able to pay it off without feeling the strain of financing a high-interest mortgage. 

The BPR Home Loan is designed to ensure that it does not become a burden to clients, which is why it is offered at rates you can’t find anywhere else. 

Like many BPR products which are designed with the customer in mind, the BPR Home Loan has helped many Rwandans achieve their dream of own a home, with the bank deciding to increase the loan tenor from 20 to 25 years, to give clients more time to pay up without feeling the burden of the loan.

This way, clients are able to service their loan and at the same time do other personal development projects since they pay affordable monthly installments and are able to save up and do other important things. 

BPR is also able to offer personalised advisory services to clients to help them make a decision. All you need to do is contact your nearest BPR branch and ask about the requirements.    

BPR offers different types of loans for different types of banking needs for both Personal growth and development in Agricultural fields. 

All BPR loan schemes are simple, convenient and straightforward tailor-made for you and your financial requirements. 

As Rwanda looks to grow the housing sector through ensuring access to affordable houses or loans for personal home development, BPR is determined to play its part to make this journey a reality.

 BPR has been a pillar in Rwanda’s financial sector since 1975. The bank has helped communities grow so that they can enjoy better and more fulfilling lives.

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