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AS Muhanga To Lay Off Players And Staff

by Jacques Furaha
4:13 am

AS Muhanga

AS Muhanga has told its players and staff that they will not be paid their salaries beyond February 1st as football is put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter sent to all the players, the club also told its non-playing staff that they will receive only half of their salary for the month of January.

AS Muhanga becomes the second top-flight club to lay off personnel following the move by Kiyovu Sports last week.

The Muhanga-based club is one of the clubs that rely heavily on the district support to run their football activities, but with football in the country on hold again, most teams are facing a paycheck battle to pay salaries for their non-playing staff.

Last month, the Ministry of Sports suspended all football activities including matches and training due to new coronavirus cases.

The move came after just three games into the new campaign with some players and staff testing positive for the virus.

With the country on partial lockdown and coronavirus cases mounting, it’s not clear when football will return. 

Subsequently, clubs in the Rwandan top-tier football are discussing scenarios to withhold pay for the staff as they wait for football’s fate. 

Muhanga sat in ninth place in the table with two points in three games when the league was brought to a halt on December 12.

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